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Vape Mail 2018


How did you do that!? No wait don’t tell me! I’m in a bit of a mood tonight so it’s probably better I don’t know.


Lol… Not likely to happen.
But I’d settle for a WTF or /facepalm icon! :wink:


Today´s Vapemail Wismec P80 Sinuous


You really don’t need to order anything do you!? Stuff just keeps showing up!


Order me what yeah i thing vape stores just automaticly withdraw money and ship stuff to me. :joy:


Bout to try this one out. I’ve been hearing its better than (HS) RY4 hmmmm IDK
Bout that one! Smells amazing tho!!!


and i need the last 6 orders.
200 x15ml cubby bottles.
50 x 60ml cubby bottles.
3x gbox kits
my Hotcig Rsq
and my last 2 Vandy vape rda´s then im good for a few :smiley: i think :smiley: ohh battery´s waiting for batterys also haha :smiley:


I think I might have gone a bit overboard at a flavour sale.

26 flavours and not a single one is a reorder or a flavour I have tried before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I foresee a lot of SFT and recipe experimenting in my near future :sweat: :yum:

Also 2 clones and some misc. from china.


You must have a goose that lays golden eggs.


Ribs? o0

Wonder if they’re beef or pork?

Hey @Bob_Bitchen! Have you seen the “Beetlejuice” Ribs before?


He he, sorry to disappoint you, but it is just redcurrent :smirk:


@IzNoGoat There is NO overboard in DIY !!! Just follow up orders LOL.


You are probably right, and I’m not complaining that I have too many flavours, on the contrary, I absolutely needed more flavours :grinning:

But I prefer to expand my flavour collection at a slower pace, so I have time to properly test the flavours and work them into recipes. I’m afraid I might get a bit overwhelmed here.


Not a bad idea.


hmm this would require restraint! Something we kicked to the side when we fell into the rabbit hole. I am on FT 61 out off 300 rofl . The good news is that 61 more than last week :blush:

Take a break and dont rush, my life motto hehe . Im playing with flavors based on reviews and slowly testing mine to get to know them myself. I guess its working because Im having fun


I got these 2 in today… I’m diggin’ the new bottles.


Today this arrived. Forgot I pre ordered this about 2 months ago…not sure what was my reasoning back then


Cool analog face? Who needs a reason?!?


You didn’t know about @Whiterose0818 !


This is true, it was before my @Whiterose0818