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Vape Mail 2018


I did like the clock , silly reason


It was likely something you wanted to surprise me with! :wink:

You’re SO SWEET! :laughing:


With all the talk about how good these two are I had to try. I have no idea about the Pillow talk Flavoring (Free sample) , but its been so long maybe it will be good for a try.


Latest tool.


Finaly received vape mail after a week customs vacation :wink:
Winning package thanks to @Heaven_Gifts.

The innokin Gem Starter kit.


And ofcource i couln’t leave this baby behind :wink:

A spare Dead rabbit RDA :star_struck:


Jem huh… :thinking: I bet Ibanez and/or Steve Vai have a few thoughts on that. chuckles


Trying out some more One On One flavors for SF tests. Bakery, and Strawberry packs with some singles…


intersting i just made a key lime pie that smells AMAZING i wonder how that ke lime flave is, is that a store bought juice i see


@fidalgo_vapes Hehe, why YES it is !!! From time to time, I like to do a lil’ “Opposition Research”.


Haven’t had time to mix up all 20+ single flavor testers yet, but the KLP did smell great in the bottle.


im really crissing my fingers that the recipe i made vapes as good as it smells


Got one of these yesterday…

Very very disappointing. A real PIA getting dual coils in this thing and if you have arthritic/weak fingers, this is definitely not for you. I did manage to get two coils on this thing only to have one of them wiggle around loose. I only paid $11.00 and change so it wasn’t a huge loss, but still…


but your next vapemail pics are going to more then make up for it!


yeah buddy! I’m already planning on stalking my mail carrier


What is going on with that deck?


It’s spring loaded, no screws. The RDA is the Tigertek Springer. Looks cool, but that’s about it IMO. The springs are hard as hell to hold down and you have to hold it down AS you’re inserting two coils with one hand. If you do manage to get them on, one of them seems to work it’s way loose from the contacts. A real pain.


Should have come with a small tool in the package, to help press both clamps down at the same time, without tearing your hands up


awesome, I got these as well awhile back along with a bunch of singles and just added the tobaccos too.
I’ll look forward to your ideas as usual!


If I’m not mistaken, and I could be, it was the Ampus by Pulesi that had the tool that compressed both post at the same time.