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Vape Mail 2018


You are correct, I have an Ampus and it came with a plastic piece to more easily push down both posts.


@Lexie3 Getting backed up in the mixing cave. Gotta put this squonker through it’s paces, THEN, mix up the whole batch of testers. They all smell crazy good outta the bottles.


Nope no tool for that purpose. Just an allen wrench to remove/replace the spring.


@SessionDrummer, they do smell good. I have been making sf testers for forever it seems. I am getting there very slowly though and now have 180 testers made. Half way there ]!


@Lexie3 BOOOM !!! That’s a lotta testers !!!


the down side of being impatient and needed everything like yesterday, I am afraid


At some point, during my RFSC SF testing blitz I think I ran a calc on exactly how much NIC/PG/VG I burned up doing JUST those testers (yes, I always mix with NIC because I feel it CAN change the mix), and it was a little more than a bit. All for science !!!


Oh yes I can only imagine. All i know is last week I had 1000ml jug of vg, and now it is gone. Luckily I mixed my nic base up before my testing or I would be out. Thankfully a double order arrives today


Yay the science!!!


Can’t wait to get into these!


wow that means you got it for almost nothing wish I could find a deal like that lol



@NChris I only have two, and all I have to say is, … WOW…

I think I need to get some more…


@Lexie3 Yes, … that’s how you do it !!!


What two do you have?


@NChris Butterscotch, and Chocolate.


Butterscotch is on my wish list.


Peach and Vanilla are very good.


Butterscotch is very creamy. Mixed with Butterscotch ripple it is divine.


I have used the peach before and it is my favorite peach. The rest I have some testing to do with and Butterscotch and I think Lime will be in my next order.