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Vape Mail 2018


Amazing how tastes/terms differ. :wink:

I don’t get cream from MF butterscotch at all (which is how I perceive things when the term creamy is used). I would describe it as rich.

I have yet to try FW BS Ripple though (but want to). I would assume there’s an ice cream note with ripple? Would that be correct?

I love what FW natural butterscotch adds to the party with MF providing the heart and soul.


I’m really surprised that you haven’t tried it with the way you love butterscotch. To me its like a light butterscotch ice cream that works really good as an additive to just about any ice cream flavor. I still haven’t bought any MF Butterscotch but from your descriptions the combo of ripple and MF would be the first thing I’d try.


@Skullblade789 what % are you using the peach at ?


Primarily because after having been through so many other BS’s, I fell in love with butterscotch natural the instant I tried it, and then was in Heaven when I got MF BS and combined the two. MF really stole the show, and has the lead by far though. It’s that good.

To me it was about finding the core/pure BS flavor, and then, I could mix whatever. LB ice cream, or Cap, etc…

Complex flavors are nice sometimes, but far more limiting IMO. So while I have always been curious about it (BS ripple) it was just way further down the list because of my goal, and assumption that it had an ice cream aspect which would complicate/limit uses. :wink:

I’m one who hates certain things mixed. So while most love things like cake and ice cream, or pie a la mode… I prefer them separate. Same for ice cream sandwiches. :laughing: Cookies and ice cream just don’t belong together (generally speaking)! But I love cookie dough ice cream. go figure.


From the ECX giveaway - Thanks @ecigexpress !!!


Hey @VapeyMama he took your butter! What are you gonna do now!


Speaking of FA Butter… I have only tried it in a small % mix, but I can’t taste it! I’m afraid to go higher and kill a juice, but it is really weak?


I will have a better answer when I can look at the recipes @Molly_Mcghee is hoarding!


He can have it, I’ve got plenty.


i just mixed my first lime recipe ( not MF ) but i wiuld love to hear what you think of the MF when yiu get it


I will let you know once I get it.


What kind did you use?


i used the Fa cold pressed and the FA florida key lime , the mix is in the private recipe sneak peek , i typically will go with FA to try a new fruit kike lime or whatever and if i like it ill highly consider the MF flave at minimum it will enhance the other limes imo


I like the Cold Pressed and just recently started using Florida Keys. Also have been experimenting with TFA Keylime. Fw Keylime I’ve used a lot and like the flavor but it’s so weak.


@DaveDave What do you mean LAST bottle ??? !!!


What’s up with that !!! ??? Butter no mas ?? !!!


I contacted ECX about how they had Butter FA one day, then when I went to add it a week later they didn’t.

So @ecigexpress checked the warehouse, and was informed that they are not going to be stocking it any more, and there was only one bottle left, which he graciously saved for me.

@VapeyMama knows where to get it, so we’re all good.


Winky winky, ummmm, where would THAT be, as I’m kinda going through the only bottle I have, hehe.


Diy vapor supply


Huge thanks out to @28if for generously donating this little gem, so I can further research my MTL options, … for science and shit.