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Vape Mail 2018


very nice! I am looking to do the same thing. Ill get a mtl mod & tank to try and hope eliminate the craves.
@SmilingOgre has pointed me in the right direction


@Lexie3 I’m TRYING to like that …

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There, liked it for ya !


+1 @DaveDave



Watch for my review :alien:


Not trying to be a punk-ass or anything but…
I get my @Whiterose0818 mod tomorrow!
I get my @Whiterose0818 mod tomorrow!
I get my @Whiterose0818 mod tomorrow!


No. It didn’t come off that way at all. :wink:

Congrats!! You’re going to love it.


Punk ass! Seriously, congrats LM. You gonna love it.


You could at least wait and post pictures !


@HealthCabin was kind enough to send this very interesting GBox Squonk kit out. Testing for review now.






Today I received THE BEST EVER Vape Mail in the form of a box of goodies from the USA!

A surprise gift from the man himself @Whiterose0818 - thank you so much you beautiful thing you!

And from my most favourite man of metal, @TheTinMan - the best belated Birthday/Christmas presents ever - thank you, you are incredible, love you :kissing_heart:

And the most beautifully sexy thing I have ever had in my possession (soooo clever @Whiterose0818)

I’m so super happy right now - words cannot describe how absolutely beautiful this mod is :heart_eyes:


hoooolly crap thats just a little bit gorgeous my lovely :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


It totes is bab, utterly gorgeous! And no customs charges after they sat on it for 3 days! :tada:


I got me some POO! I put off buying the Drag because my larger tanks would overhang. Saw this for a good price at Vape Royalty and had to have it. POO POO POO . (just like having an excuse to say it!)



And now the real fun begins! Well… after I catch up to the last 20 years of technology anyway…


That is a very cool oscilloscope. I used one a couple of times in the Navy. Way cool. Brought back some memories.


OHHHH, here comes @Lostmarbles !!


Well what you do for @Whiterose0818 is simply amazing. Amazing like You! Have fun gurl, you deserve it!


Haven’t played with one of those since college and seeing this made me miss those days. Have fun playing.