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Vape Mail 2018


LOL! I saw your post flash while I was responding to someone else’s post and I was like "WTF, how does he know???"
I’ll be posting some pics of the beautiful freaking mod I just unboxed soon.


Happy belated! Looks like you got some toys to play with. Git busy girl!


Thanks! After college I’ve only had the chance to use a few. One place really got me. Good sized R&D department and there on a shelf, covered with dust, was the scope. I drug it down one day and it still worked. Real old analog. Nice unit for it’s day. Made me wonder how they came up with some of the things they were developing. A little scary really.


OK, had one of those really busy, kinda crappy days where you’re constantly doing something and nothing gets done. I got home ready to lay on the couch and stare at the TV when I remembered to check my mailbox. Here they are:

I got two beauts to tingle my tastebuds. A stabwood Smart PWM, a Gunstar PWM, Whiterose sticker and cards, cleaning cloth and a really cool rubberband (Millenium Falcon not included, purchased separately)

I cannot stop staring at this thing. It so fraking beautiful! Kinda want to play some Barry White and have a nice deep vape.

Just an FYI, I hurt the crap out of myself over this…I was laying on the couch with my shoes off (hate wearing shoes) when I remember to check the mailbox. I jumped off the couch not realizing my lab was sleeping on the floor next to me, I startled her, she jumps up and forces my leg sideways, I hit the coffee table leg and stubbed my toe. Ran out to the mailbox and walked on top of a bougainvillea branch that I neglected to clean up this weekend and impaled my heel with a thorn (hate bougainvillea’s). But it was worth it!


Congrats on those stunners! Feel better!


Wow! That stabwood is sweet. Gorgeous.

The Gunstar PWM is a great box. A Goon or any 24mm RDA or a matchy matchy green IJOY RDTA make that mod an easy every day carry.


Thanks, soon as I’m vapin’, I’m pulling that thorn out :rofl:


Gorgeous mods… Loved the story… Sorry to hear about the thorn. Lol


Couldn’t help myself :joy:

ETA: video contains scantily clad male and female characters


Thanks! Wish I could take better pics because those truely don’t do it justice. I have another Whiterose PWM from a way earlier raffle and I love that one as well. I had a green velocity to match but gave it away when I got the Goon.


Thanks. I’d feel better if you were sorry about my foot. The thorn was already dead. LMAO


Thanks bro!


Thank you sweetheart :kissing_heart:


I had a few mods come in today (stock) among them a couple of resin voopoo drag resin & by the looks they invented a new colour


For some reason I read the “color” in a French accent. :rofl:


Let’s see inside!!!


Can’t it is for a customer.


I’m officially converted… After some testing I must agree with the comments I’ve read… LB Vanilla Ice Cream is definitely better in mixes than the VBIC TPA. And me being very partial to cream mixes, have a lot of mix conversions ahead of me. I should’ve jumped on the bandwagon when @Amy2 and @Ken_O_Where 1st reviewed this flavor. As the saying goes… "A hard head makes for a soft ass"

These arrived today…


Just got my first couple @Whiterose0818 mods…damn beautiful, your a master WR!


I got my SQ24 in the mail today as well as the brushed aluminum doors , love the size of this thing!
It is actually smaller than the zipper squonk!
I love the black and blue look but love having the ability to dress it up.
@mjag and @Lostmarbles love those mods , sorry out of likes already!