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Vape Mail 2018


It’s about time man !!! So glad you converted , your original ice cream gmix is amazing with the LB VIC I should know it’s one of my go to adapts :wink:

@Pro_Vapes Private share - http://tjek.nu/r/c6hk?token=6d47399e412554f

I just gotta say Hey!!! @BoyHowdy it’s so nice to see your name :sunny:

to stay thread relative I just got in the mail

FLV White Chocolate
FLV Berry Cheesecake
FLV Cheesecake
FLV SB Smash
A big thank you as always to Flavorah :heart_eyes:


Thank you , I missed all of my friends here as well!


Gorgeous mods!
I had to take mine to work and even those that don’t vape appreciated the looks of it.


Dude! Where have you been? Nice to see your name back here. Hope you and yours are well.


Just noticed the martini olive next to pic. LOL Did someone get bored?


yup jojo just enjoying f’ing with us again! I didn’t realize how much I missed her!

Working long hours and dealing with a lawsuit , I wasn’t much joy to be around.Glad to be back , Thanks!


SQ is amazing, you’ll love it, the Dreamer is a great mod too, I have the copper one too.


I love mine all the reviews were spot on about this one.I like the Admiral but the Dreamer is the bee’s knee’s. Have you tried the Lucid rda? I always like vertical coils but hated building them , the Lucid changed all of that.


No, I haven’t tried the Lucid. The last thing I need is another RDA, I have way too many.


Yes, but he had me lookin’ :eyes:


Eyes emoji, funny.


@Pro_Vapes SAME thing happened to me, damn @Ken_O_Where and his delicious rootbeer float recipe ! !!!


@mjag, speechless !!!


Where is th S root beer float recipie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Ken_O_Where



Cool beans. Lol. I have fallen in love with root beer flv. The cost per ml may be high but I think well worth it.

I may post a bunch of recipes in the sneak peak thread tomorrow. Don’t want to derail this thread. Lol.

Back on topic. :joy:. I am excited that my bcf order will be in on Monday and a very kinda friend sent me some butter fa and should be here soon. I keep telling myself to stop ordering…but after @Pro_Vapes shows a screen shot of an order for 4ozs of lemonade flv I couldn’t freakin resist.


Gonna try some new stuff when I get home from this trip ! Excited …


SolubArome, show me what you got! (excited to be testing SA, rick and morty style). :smiley:



For a moment there I thought that @TheTinMan has a really nasty sadistic streak :rofl: