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Vape Mail 2018


Mmmmmmmmmm @CallMeTut Have you ever tried the LB VIC before ??

Mmmmmm yum yum.


No first time with it… all you a$$holes keep touting these flavors and I have to keep buying them lol.
Heard TFA French Vanilla Deluxe was really good also, (I believe that is what that French Vanilla II is)


I can take NO BLAME on this one it’s @Ken_O_Where’s fault. “Hey, don’t be st00pid, try my Rootbeer Float”. “Hey, you tried that yet”, “Have you ever heard of LB VIC” ??



I actually JUST bought theTPA FVD and it actually IS very good. The LB VIC however, is in it’s OWN catagory. FA. Freekin’ Amazing !!!


Glad to hear that… I have too many French Vanilla’s or Ice Creams that I haven’t sat down and REALLY tried them out in the same simple recipe to see the real differences.


What are you using it in (don’t say E V E R Y T H I N G) lol


Ok, ok, ok. You WORE me down. But look, it’s only for you, just between the two of us, … no one else. :open_mouth:

I think it really shines in Ken’s Rootbeer Float for starters, and if you want to get a lil’ crazy, mix it a little heavier, and just chain vape it NAKED, by itself. It’s that damned good. OK, it is POSSIBLE that it’s really like 110% dik’s ??? SURE IT IS. I’m the guy that it took close to 80 mixes, JUST to get ONE S’mores recipe I was happy with, so I may not be the fastest, super-duper-ist mixers out there, but I know what I like. I’ve never gotten any pepper from TPA’s VIC, but this one just beats every other VIC out there, hands down. It’s not for every mix, and I think if you do a SF tester, you’ll see it’s magic. If you need a creamy, VIC in something, it’s the ONE to go to.



Great another ingredient I don’t have “Rootbeer” lol… thx for sharing (and I won’t tell a soul).


I don’t even LIKE rootbeer vapes, but dammit, LB sure seems to get some things RIGHT !!!


FYI, I don’t use Koolada. You see @CallMeTut blame @Ken_O_Where !!!


nods I looked it up on the recipe side of things… I’ll use the ws-23 with it (although I do have the Koolada).


What’s 35k ppm AP between friends ??



tbh I don’t even look at the “bad things” I most likely eat worse things on a daily basis.


Hahaha never made the connection. Thanks for the laugh :laughing:


Got my @BullCityFlavors order in. Always quick.

I’m most excited to mix with lemonade flv and a few other recipies. All thanks to @SthrnMixer @Beaufort_Batches @VapeyMama @fidalgo_vapes and @Pro_Vapes. Lots of inspiration.

Oh and I receive a very very special flavor delivered to my door. Not sure they want to be named. But hell yeah. Butter fa.


mix session this weekend ?


Hell yeah. I have 25 15mls recipies ready to mix. I’ll stop at 32 I think.

Right now the biggest challenge is that I misplaced a 15ml orange ice cream tester and am soooo pissed. Like a fly on toilet. Hope I find it before the weekend.


Unfortunately the French Van Deluxe thing might be my fault too, i love that stuff. But French Van 2 and Deluxe are different, im sorry to say this but now you have to buy the other one because its 53% moar better. :wink:

The deluxe is diketones heavy, the FV2 is FV1 with less alcohol and a different carrier.



BUTTERRR!!! :tada: