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Vape Mail 2018


This one has LB VI and TPA FVD…I got it steeping.



Just received this little beauty, which I won in a giveaway by Heaven Gifts.


You totally should!!!
It’s amazing how enlightening it can be. Not only that, but I find it’s a great way to do “inventory shrink”… :wink:


Ahhhh+10 more h’s


Heck ya. Your naughty butter girl mix will be made up this weekend along with an adaptation with custard inw.


I actually asked that question at Bullcity and he said they are two different flavors


I wasn’t smart enough to ask lol


I haven’t even tried the French vanilla II maybe its good :)))). Srry we got off track a little. Back to vape mail


Mother f-ing vape mail ya’ll!!!
Thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH to my degen fam and to @Whiterose0818 for this stunning birthday present!!!


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! That is something else!!! It looks so beautiful I’d wouldn’t want to vape it!!!



LOVE ME SOME @Whiterose0818!


You really made out, girl!! Congrats.


I hope you enjoy it my dear, and you are very very welcome :heart_eyes::+1: it’s truly stunning :ok_hand:


That is just gorgeous! :star_struck:


very purty!



Haha thanks! My birthday was in October…lol But this was so totally worth the wait!


Damn, well very well belated then :grinning:


Beautiful like it’s owner - enjoy! :tada:


What a beaut, congrats :smiley: