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Vape Mail 2018


Aspire Speeder

A lame name and very plain jane.
Another squeeze box competing with the alien. But…
It has a latching door
Does excellent TC
Full radius on both sides for a very nice hand feel
Does have a bizarre navigation system
Auto rotating screen
Appears to be getting amazing battery life in TC
Haven’t done any electrical tests yet but it seems real solid.


Very nice! How is that crius tank? I’d been eyeing it but after so many crazy reviews I decided to stick with my 2 serpent smm tanks. I did get the geekvape zeus and I don’t like it as well as my serpent smm.


The Crius is nice. It made rotation. Flavor is a tad bit muted side by side with the single coil Ammit. GTA style so it wicks real well. Slip up side fill top which is nice for not pressurizing the tank after filling. I get a sense that maybe a slightly different build may bring out a little more flavor. I’ll experiment as time goes bye. It think it fits in somewhere around the Zeus and Serpent SMM. As you own those I don’t think you would gain anything by getting one.


Thanks! I really appreciate you’re thoughts!


My pleasure. God knows enough folks have helped me with decisions on this vape stuff. So much of it out there and such a range of quality. Makes my head spin.


Not pretty or exciting but really needed.


Dude, batteries are totally exciting! :tada:
Or… maybe I’m just boring…:thinking:

Also… They are PINK! So they’re definitely pretty!


Cant beat the speed of Illumn 3 days from west coast to the hills of WV. and they are on sale. So I guess a bit exciting.



I love all three of those! Nice Haul!


Thank you sir. I’m pretty impressed so far with the Sherman. Really good flavor from a big RDA.


I feel the same , great flavor and looks great on bigger mods.


The Sherman and the WhiteRose.


Oh my , so much awesome!!!


Couldn’t find a PSO Paranormal so I settled for a purple ostrich…


I’m waiting for the new Sherman 25 RDA to arrive, I ordered it a couple of days ago.
I’m expecting the flavor to be even better as it’s that much smaller.


Very nice :wink:


Latest haul from @Nicotine_River. Also some 30ml bottles from Amazon.


@Skullblade789 All I gotta say is BOOOOOOOOOOM !!! What is Electric Blue ??


A blue raspberry flavor. Still trying for that 33 degrees mix.