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Vape Mail 2018


Nice !!! Two Paranormals, 1 as a replace, and another for a coworker trying to quit smoking, with a few lil bottles…


I’ve been eyeballing that electric blue for a min, I’m gonna place an order soon too, have you single flavor tested it yet lol cmon man it’s been a couple hours… the only FR flavor I have tried so far has been the grape candy, but it’s pretty good.


Not yet. Lol.


Wowsers! Awesome haul! :tada:


Trying to give DJLSB a run for his money? :smiley:


I do appreciate his reviews because of the tests he does. The scope is also for working on audio equipment.


Nude Nicotine is back. 1 week from placing order, shipped cross country, till arrival. NN is back !!!


Warm up the tubes boys… Daddy’s gotta find a parasitic oscillation in the 2nd IF stage… :laughing: :wink:


Off to a good start man!
Happy for that! Hopefully the important part comes up roses as well! /fingers crossed for ya!


Yeah, roger that. I just tossed the NIC in the freezer, don’t have time to get into it tonight, but the “test” results, shall be revealed. I don’t always buy Liter bottles, but I’ve been having better luck with the stash staying fresher (just like we break down the NIC), in smaller bottles, as opposed to humping the 5 gallon jug around. I’ll post back @Sprkslfly


That’s funny. That’s kinda where I started it all. Stratcom HF Radio. Shoot those bad boys around the globe and catch it with a sloping V coming around the other side.


@SmilingOgre is there where the EAM’s reside ?


What kind of audio equipment ?? :slight_smile:


Lol, No, I’m an old Ogre. Strategic Air Command. Early / Mid 70’s vintage. 64 channels of Krypto HS TTY.

All the band junk. Between the six of us there is always something acting up.


Ahhhh, you have now officially interested me more !!!


This came in last week…



And today…


The Barn came through today!


LB Vanilla Ice Cream !!!