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Vape Mail 2018


Yes sir! Love that stuff!


That is some … Vape Mail ?? …
Why do you need an oscillator or whatever that is , if i may be that curious :slight_smile:


Lol, Yup, that’s a O-scope. Got it mostly for working on audio equipment but you can definitely see what a mod is doing with it.


That is just crazy beautiful!


Performs just as beautifully!


I can follow you directly on the audio part :wink:


Brilliant! They sell own-brand PG-free flavours, you know? But the poor reports about them here put me off ordering. Along with the fact that a lot of the flavours that interested me were out of stock :(. If I’m gonna pay shipping from the States, I wanna fill my trolley with everything I want to try, not half of it .


ummm, , excuse my ignorance, but I definitely can’t see what a mod is doing with it, or what it’s doing with a mod , or whatever. But then, i’m nor very technically-minded. I’m still thinking “WTF?” :laughing:


No worries. It’s a geek toy for sure.


You’re not gonna be drawn into explaining are you?Hmm, I’ve known a couple of geeks who owned oscilloscipes, but they were both musicians. Oh! and I’ve seen 'em in medical labs, of couse. It’s taken me awhile but I can see an application in tracking mod function, now I really think about it.


Scored all three of these Rev mods on clearance at a local vape shop for $20 each.


First impressions: Screens are really cool and easy to read.
Buttons are plastic but are clicky and seem fine, except on the red model where there is just a tiny bit of rattle on the fire button.
They fire quickly and give you a strong hit immediately.
The Sport has a built in 4200mAh battery and is doing great on my single coil tanks.
The Nitro has the same screen as the Sport and has a real nice feel to it. The battery door flops around and opens easily while empty. After loading batteries it stays closed with no problems.
The GTS has a huge screen and a really nice overall feel. If they last awhile and give good battery life, I will be really happy.



Jay, check out Ogre’s WR review, you can see what he’s doing with the o-scope. :wink:


Lol, kudos, you’re very intuitive. I have no idea how to explain the thing other than writing volumes of nauseatingly boring dribble. It comes down to a boy and his new toy. Always wanted one since college (a very long time ago) and any excuse would do.


Mega vapemail from @Nicotine_River!

And I needed some big ol’ bottles (and a few medium ones).

Mixing party at Vapey’s place today! :tada:


Got a magnetic mixer ,some stir bars and a stir bar retriever .Hopefully my flasks will arrive this week so I can give this a try!
This is a cheaper Chinese built unit and I will post my results after I try it out.


Watch for the contents of this box in the review section :grinning:


I love a mystery , can’t wait for the review!


Expect a suspenseful pause while I proofread it and edit the images :sunglasses:
tired of waiting?


20 Best Fruit Flavor pack and 10 Best Purilum Flavor pack, 1 oz each. Plus 500 ml 100 mg Nic