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Vape Mail 2018


It is! I almost kissed it when I took it out of the box… Lol


it is normal for AP to crystallize , and when it starts to go back to liquid form it may look chunky


Actually my RY4 Double came that way. Went back to normal in about 4 hours.


Yesss !! :grin::grin: Hemp wick and a Billow for the Hemp Queen. Thank you @therabidweasel and @worm1


Nic River stuff and the Blitzen and Intrepid RTAs.NEW STUFF 1-9-18


@VapeyMama Yes.


I sent you a PM a few days ago.


let me take a look sorry


Flavorah mail!! :tada:


nice haul , i realky need to try more flv


:heart_eyes: the frosting is great!!! Nice haul on flavors!!


I blame @VapeyMama for all my Flavorah purchases !!


Refill and attys for wife’s new favorite.


Some new testers, and because I finally broke my SC glass, I ordered two more lol !!! That’s the rule, break one, replenish with two.


Got a couple of NCR rda will be using for flavour and juice testing since the rewick will take about 4 seconds

The ceramic plate instead of a coil will be interesting to use hopefully it has good flavour - will see later on today when i fire it up.


I need to know more! What have @Steampugs @mjag @VapeyMama @Silhouette @Norseman and the rest of the reviews been doing? I have not heard anything about this!


Wasnt released too long ago so I imagine they will be about - I may even do a short review on it.


Straight from the company?


yes please!


where did you buy that MF flave