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Vape Mail 2018


So the vape mail has started to roll in after CNY and got a mod for a customer by request and holy shit it looks like it was used as a unicorn suppository.


These sample bottles came today

Funny part thou is they were mailed 1 day after my order and arrive 1 day before my order that has my nic.

But they have passed the sniff test both smell good… can’t wait to mix them up and vape


Got this in the mail today from yours truely, @Whiterose0818… Voltrove 30mm RTA V2


This is another RTA designed to give off flavor like an RDA. This tank does give a nice warm and wet tasty vape. Wicking is not a problem and this version has juice flow control. Thanks @Whiterose0818 for giving me a deal and opportunity to own this nice and excellent performing high end tank.


Go :+1:
It is definitely top notch flavour.


First 2 of a few deliveries today


Decided it was time to replace m hand mixer I use for small mixes . That I got from liquid barn in my starter kit


Yup. Got some goodies in this week. And yes. Eciggity carries the authentic reload.


Okay this sucks.

Defective cap… oh well it happens sent @Nicotine_River a pm…


they just click back together but yes they can be a pita


My thought also except that pic is after I clicked them back together. Came right back apart


yup that is the they can be a pita part - i have a few empties i went through them and washed and used one of the caps that fit.


I literally thru all my empty bottles away last night in the trash… before I took out the trash…

One more order expected today… flavors from real flavors…

I don’t think they carrier will make their target delivery time

Current time 5:553pm


Got a bottle of Koi 1000mg CBD to try out.I want to see how it compares to what I mix myself


Blue raspberry and dragon fruit , hmmmmm…


Yeah , it is not my jam so to speak but a friend said she loved the flavor. I thought this would be a simple way to keep my CBD vape separate. :grin:


Reminds me I forget to reorder dragon fruit and blue raspberry last week


@tartarusspawn I have received more than a few like that (and not just from @Nicotine_River), it is a problem with FLV’s bottling equipment I believe. NR will make it right.


I’m trying here guys …

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Vape mail is everyday. Just started vaping a month ago and I want more and more everyday. I’ve got 4 days off after tonight. It might be a very expensive few days off. I’ve got the bug big time.


Thx sessiondrummer,

@Nicotine_River has already respond and offered suggestions and offered to replace it… on a side note all other bottles were perfectly fine…

Thx nic-river for your prompt response. +2 on customer support