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Vape Mail 2018


Not to be negative @Chrispdx and this may be user error but I was very disappointed when I tried out my reload. I’m just not getting what everyone else says they get from this RTA no matter how I build it.It does not give the flavor for me like others tell me they get. I can make it chuck and suck down some e-liquid but flavor, just ain’t there.:cry:


I actually get excellent flavour from my Reload (clone).
But I have found that it is extremely sensitive to how you wick it. In order to get the good flavour you have to stuff so little cotton down the wicking holes, that it is basically one strand of cotton from dumping the whole content of the tank on your mod :open_mouth: Just a tiny bit too much cotton and the flavour quickly becomes muted.


I’ll keep you posted. I haven’t build it yet…maybe this weekend…depends on how my other rta looks. But I do plan on placing two 24g 3mm 316l round wire builds in and fluffing the heck out of the cotton.


Did that too, I’ll try again sometime, not giving up just yet.


Got some love from my brother @Whiterose0818 in the mail today.:heart_eyes:
I have been staring out the window like a coke fiend !:flushed: Luckily the mailman is used to it now and no longer calls the po-po…:policeman:
Got the Voltrove 30mm RTA V2 , some stickers , some business cards…

And this Bad M.F! A dual 20700 parallel unregulated beauty!


Nice ain’t it bro? Love that tank…


Sorry for the delay! The photo above I was just checking out the aesthetics . It passed that with flying colors so I ran it through the usc for five minutes and put in a fresh build.
I am happy to say that I am well pleased with the Voltrove mini V2. I honestly wasn’t expecting much on my newest Whiterose due to it being a simple parallel mod but it has exceeded my expectations. I incorrectly thought that it would need at least 100 watts to get a decent vape.
I am running fused Nichrome 80 claptons from the coilology kit with a build of .08 and it really is a great vape running the smaller set of air holes.
I either got extremely lucky with my build or it simply doesn’t leak as I have had no issues with that!
Thanks again to @Whiterose0818 for selling these at a great price.


Wow, wow, and MORE WOW !!! One of a kind, and then some.


Samples from real flavors 10 cent sale

Spearmint smells good…
brandy smells good also…


Thank you , I am very proud for sure. I just uploaded a few more pics in the Whiterose thread.


Sounds close to how I set up. I use Nichrome 80 but I go around .15 to .10 ohms. Nice warm vape at low watts and batteries don’t get beat up nearly as bad.


This marks a monumental day in history!
I recieved my flavors for the meteor milk clone, and they are not flavorah! Im pretty fricking pumped


I have been hangin out for the new ipv xyanide mod to arrive and it is a stealth bomber (i love the look some may not though)

oops wrong pic

I would like to add wtf were you thinking ipv you had the room for it why not make it a nice 30mm mod - shattered I will have to put a different tank on it.


You need more mods bro :crazy_face:


Lmao always


Got my nic salts yesterday pg based any one else think it is a strang colour it was also slightly peppery at 3mg they told me to let it steep but i am sceptical :confused:


Ya i don’t think that is an answer you should have gotten @LiquidNicotineW. I did see someone else had a colored nic salts from LNW (also in pg). I will see if i can put my finger on the post. I get mine in vg and they are nearly clear. I would like LNW to explain why the pg and vg versions are different.

EDIT : found it >


Cheers think i am going to make a unflavored at a higher mg as well to see if it is rougher on the throat or similar to the 3mg


omg what did you do with laura5


Vape Mail from the winning contest for the Aspire Quad-Flex Power Pack. I’m liking it, using the coils that came with it great really love the deep juice Wells, airflow, is great !! I believe there spaced(possibly) claptons. Duels .37 OHMs 40-50 Watts. My sweet spot, Also ordered the Dead Rabbit last night. We’ll see how well it works out. All in All if this one was to bite the dust I would with out a doubt get another. Also very easy to build on the velocity style deck.