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Vape Mail 2018


Yer yer my winnings from the chines newyear comp is here


yes that is 5 30ml bottles of FA cream whipped



The last 5 bottles.


yes it was lol


This arrived earlier this week. 1/3 the retail price of local shops and got from China to EU in 3 weeks time, with free shipping, smack in the middle of Chinese New Year. I’m impressed :smiley:

I bought this thanks to a recommendation I’ve seen in these forums and I can see why. Great kit.


Thats a great charger…i have 2 of them…it has great functions in the mode selection…you will be happy with it…also the fan is not that loud…enjoy it


Have to give @Nicotine_River props … wasn’t expecting this till Friday or sat… but replacement bottle arrived today that was shipped out Monday…

Really happy to see the new bottle didn’t have the same defect in the cap when taken off…


Yup. Flavor order. And the extra empty bottles are out of sight. But all arrived in a timely fashion, complete, and no leaking.


Got my Pazzo one shots that I won from @ecigexpress. Got here pretty fast considering they are clear across the country from me. Anywho, I’ll mix these up and leave some reviews, both hear and ECX. Then I will mix some recipes using the one shots as concentrates. Way cool. I won. how exciting thanks again ECX.


Dude! Congrats!!!
Sounds like you came up on the shiny side. :wink:


My amazon order came today…

Figured I’d give these a try.


I think I like


me: Honey, Joyetech is sending me a mod and it should be here today!
wife: If it’s pink or rainbow can I have it?
me: sure, but they know I just want black or gunmetal.

review coming if she lets me borrow it long enough.


Well. It looks like Murphy is still a bitch.

Sorry for your loss, but congrats to the missus! :wink:


Yabut the more things go wrong, the higher the odds of somethings going right.


The River rolled through today


Thank you @SthrnMixer for getting this to me ASAP! And thank you for the nice bonus of your hand made Queens Cookie Jar! That was a nice surprise! Had to get the squonk pin in my Aura rda asap with a new build to vape this great mix!


Cheers man!!!


Cheers to you as well! :beers:


awesome!! how bout a link. I never seen such long…