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Vape Mail 2018


Yep :+1:
20 char



@woftam Ceramic Plate ??? !!! You have to report back on that, I’ve never seen that before.


Dude, you gotta do a review on that, looks interesting and if you say it rocks I am getting one, sucks then I am skipping it. Trust your opinion for sure :+1:


WTF?!! :flushed: Looks like someone hit the weekly lotto!!

Congratulations! Some nummy stuff in that haul!!


@fidalgo_vapes I got it direct from MF, and transfered to a PET bottle.


Ahhh…the sneaky is strong in this one! :laughing:


Happy new year


the bottle is why i asked , i have never seen that bottle ty


@fidalgo_vapes I knew someone sharp would catch that.


I missed that totally. But I’m, wait, never mind.


Todays vapemail
Vapecige Vtx 200 Clownmod and it´s so bad ass love this thing :smiley:


Thanks to @Whiterose0818 , my mod arrived :slight_smile:


lol @TW12


Gorgeous as always but i was more distracted by that fast wandering mouse in the pic.


@TW12 I thought about it when I posted it. “I wonder if any MF heads will wonder what happened to the brown glass dropper bottle”. I waited, … and watched …


LOL wonder where that came from


Your a troublemaker!



Can’t wait to try the Zeus rta.