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Vape Mail 2018


One reviewer said stay away from that thing. The ncr rda. I’m sure the company wouldn’t have released it, if it could do any harm though… idk. Report back, how you like it.


Sqonk for flavor?
Don’t think twice, cause it’s alright!!!


Yeah iconic is amazing. Mike really does know how to build


Do a review!!!


Hey, thanks for the thought! But honestly, I wouldn’t say a thing different than DJ did here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Lp5gkLnnc



Strange vape mail pics incoming …

Unless you’ve read the OTHER thread.


Todays vapemail
2x morphe rda one black, one rainbow
5x 8ml YFTK 8ml bottles
5x 510 refill bottles from YFTK
2x spare bottles for gbox (for a friend)


So you think your gonna be able to hold off for a few more months?


im still going to keep me from buying. buth the bet is of. my friend got scared and realised that he would loose. so he paid half and said well let us just forget this deal.
buth im gonna prove the “hater fan club” on discord that i can keep myself from buying stuff for 4 month :smiley: so i dont give @JoJo the plessure of saing see i told u so :stuck_out_tongue:


Good for you bro!


I still don’t think you’ll make it. :crazy_face:


@Cutlass92 se what kinds of friends whe have. Really supportive…


I know right! They all love to offer support and encouragement!
I know @jojo loves my posts!


Mhmm support to hold the rope that makes u fall… :joy:


I know I get just enough to hang my self! That’s ok though I always wanted to be taller!




Thank you for my Ares, Anonymous member. It is perfect!





Yeah, flavour machine, very nice