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Vape Mail 2018


Beat notification ever. My delivery confirmation of my mf order.


Got two more of these bad boys today


Okie dokie. Good earth and beauty order received. All intact and ready to go with a free sample of cucumber mf and vanilla mf. Granted though…I already got vanilla but needed another.

Now I gotta make some cucumber vapes.


What is up with that lemon? Everyone I see has the lemon MF am I missing out?


If you want a very realistic, very potent lemon that doesn’t fade, then yes…you are missing out.


I’m effin getting it. I love the way lemon vapes.


Yes. Lemon is worth the price of admission. As mentioned…it doesn’t really fade like lemon Sicily fa. And some report it gets stronger.

It doesn’t get astringent on a higher percent and remains smooth through out the vape.


Where did you get them baby bottles? Ive only seen big bottles at GEB.

If that is the first time you have ordered Vanilla yer in for a treat and another 22$ charge on your CC…


If you ask em for samples @Ken_O_Where that is what they send (you can specify the flav too)


Oh shit, i had no idea. Many thanks, d00d. Ive got to order a couple MFs so ill give that a try. That cuke has me intrigued.


Yeah I gave em a list of preferred samples and that’s what they sent. I already have vanilla and it’s very good…but I am starting to run low. As for cucumber they didn’t even have it listed but asked for it anyways and surprise surprise. Yay!



Hey Doc, This ain’t Pismo beach!


He forgot to make that left turn…


Pretty impressive return on Vapewild, I didn’t know USPS were out on Sundays, ordered a few wasps cause I thought I would give one away, and they sent me 6 instead of 3 samples, kinda cool of them, I really don’t plan on buying premade, nice effort though, and I can’t believe Fasttech actually got my order out in one day, scheduled for Wednesday but will probably be here tomorrow, I ordered on 5/26 unbelievable results from them, first time it didn’t take a month to get.


Stick Pro S by Eleaf! Thanks @HealthCabin! The review will come soon


Black or Blue?


i do dig the look of the new one, reminds more of a custom mech built w/ tubes


I got black this time, I was going to get one of each but they were out of the blue.


Mail man brought me some goodies

Dr. Soda smells like a Dr. Pepper
Hawaiian drink smells like Hawaiian Punch

Both smell real good

Lemon lime soda. Smells so good I can taste it. Mouth feels like I just bit into a lemon and a lime…

Strawberry and blueberry both smell good to…

@Walt_RealFlavors . Y’all keep this up I’m going to end up having to devote an entire shelf in my cabinet just for real flavors… already bought display racks for real flavor …