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Vape Mail 2018


Nr had arrived time to try this PurNic , i will add some to a an already steeped juice and compare side by side with Nicselect …


Before you use them make sure the drip tips are secure. I just grabbed a bottle of the BL Banana and the drip tip wasnt secure and sitting up about an 1/8 inch. I havent checked the other 13 bottles but i wanted to put that out there, just in case.

EDIT: I like these bottles tho.


Awwww such a cute widdle nic container! lol

Seriously though, I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts on how it compares to NicSelect!


I got a liter too, I have not did the taste test yet, but I did bottle it up to freeze, mine was crystal clear, and didn’t have any off Oder, so far it’s passing the test, now to do some side by side testing, I also picked up 250 ml of Nic salts from a place that will remain unnamed until I hear back from them, I opened the bag to a soggy mess, and went running to wash my hands and get some gloves out, poured it into a beaker and it looks like a good 25 ml was lost. I will see how they handle it, not very safe in my opinion. Accidents do happen, and it was wrapped in bubble wrap, and a bag inside of a bag, but the plastic bottle it shipped in wasn’t even security sealed.


me too, would like to hear the difference


funny thing about those 250ml sizes , i use a syringe to add nic so all i have to do is poke a hole on the top

and i can get everything out until about 60ml is left than ill put that in a glass bottle to finish off , i also use a refer for my flaves so i could buy 3 or 4 of those and keep them sealed and in the cold :wink:

note : thats my bottle of Nicselect


I don’t know if I’d like to shake my bottle to ensure the product was well mixed if I knew there was a hole in the seal and when I removed the cap I could get a leak from the shaking oosing out. Ever have an issue with the cap having nic puddling around it?


ya thats a great question , answervis i dont ever have issues with any leaks at all , imagine if that foil was completely off , you would be more likely to have a leak … and the foil has no puddling either

the PurNic top isnt foil it is mor of a styrofoam material so that may have an issue … ill know soon

i also use the smallest tip i can


not kicking u but what id do is initially take 30-60 mls out for regular mixing and fridge the rest, whenever that lil bottle runs low, refresh w/ fridge storage one


How’s the milk?
Been looking for a nice milk for a while now…


ya i hear ya but i dont like to leave any nicotine out at all , so it goes in the fridge always except when adding to liquids ready tonvape


Just got this fantastic Zeus Dual RTA yesterday courtesy of Health Cabin. I’m very impressed. And it matches my RX200S perfectly. Full review in about a week.


Beer !!?? Where !! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Am rocking one of those and i love it, not so happy about the dripper that came with it tough, so using the death rabbit on it :metal:


Very nice @louiesquared, i was thinking of getting it, how is the wikking turning out for now?


It was really easy. I have had a couple dozen RTA’s though. Wicking isn’t usually a problem for me now. Most of these bottom fed build decks require a fluffy loose wick that barely fills the channel. The flavor is great.


That is a cool looking RTA, sneak us a preview pic of the build deck?



I use these bottle plugs for the nic bottles. They self seal so no contaminates like air will ever reach the nic and also makes the bottle spill proof. Just use a blunt tip needle and draw your nic.


Wait, what is it? Does it have a removeable battery???