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Vape Mail 2018


It is a uwell nunchuku and is a single 18650


Thats cool, i thought i had my wikking game right with my Kensei but turned out in dry hits… my guess is when i cannot do it with this one, no point in tryin another RTA.


It’s made by Uwell. Nunchaku 80 watt. It does have one 18650 removable battery :slight_smile:


Had to show off this Kronig Mods beauty that arrived today.
Craftmanship is the best I’ve ever seen.
21700, solid silver contacts, 12ml silicone bottles, polished stabwood door and another Aluminium (black) door, with a Samsung 30T hits like a hammer.
Had to get on their FB group and be quick to the draw when they advertised their latest batch for sale, but it was worth the wait.
This is their website if anyone is interested, and their FB group.


Ah too bad, you cant carry those on the UK streets… :laughing:


Looks like a gorgeous, yet well constructed mod!

Shame about the website though. chuckles
Anytime they don’t list pricing, I always invoke the old rule: “If you have to ask how much, you probably can’t afford it.”


Here’s to good friends… Thanks Bro.


A couple crown IIIs and some new batteries YAY!!!


This tank looks sweet on the Loch Ness mod… I think I’m going to like it :grin:
The other is okay too :joy:



@Trimzee That’s a nice topper you got riding that Smoant. :wink:


My other attys are jealous. :rofl:


Won this in a recent giveaway from EVERZON @Everzonvapewholesale :+1: and it just arrived today.

The Geekvape Aegis Legend kit with the Aero tank.



All arrived the same day wow, Hcigar Aurora, Recurve, Steam Crave Aromamizer V2., Ehhpro Aromr, OBS Engine V2 and 4 quarter pound bags of Tobacco leaf for some cigar type nets.


got this at local vape shop, along with some other stuff, but my 1st SteamCrave and I love it, I think this must be the old one, but its super easy to build, wick, EXTRA Excellent Flavor.


Fasttech order FINALLY arrived!! WOOT!!!

GTRS VBoy(Yihi chip to go up against my DNA devices), Reload RTA clone, a veritable plethora of drip tips(some 510 and some 810. 810’s for the Reload and for my beloved Billow V2.5 once they get a shaving) spare glass for the Billow V2.5, Aromamizer Supreme single coil deck and some fancy wire because I’m curious about some of the machine-wrapped exotic stuff.

Not pictured: spare o-rings of various diameters, some grub screws and a silicone sleeve for the VBoy.


I got another surprise from my friends at Joyetech!

Watch for my review :+1:


@Mix_and_Hope CONGRATULATIONS !!! Remember, there are MANY versions/models !!! And don’t listen to anyone NOT on Team Steam, you can NEVER have enough !!!


Don’t let the included el cheapo allen keys mess up your rig, upgrade to …


They made an 8 ml version of the V2!!! WANT!!!

Now that I’ve gotten my hands on some 24 gauge wire, I’m seriously loving my AS V2. The 26 gauge wire just wasn’t quite cutting the mustard for me with this lovely bit o’ kit-even my favorite 28 gauge chain wire was giving me lackluster vapor(Although that might be because I was using a 75 watt device…) but the 24 gauge wire is ringing all my bells and whistles. Yay, Team Steam!

Any thoughts on the single coil deck? Getting ready to wash mine and take for a spin…


Replacement Pulse 80w body from myvpro 1 day (they are only 20 miles from me) after emailing them I had a problem with the 510 not making connection with my Recurve, DR SQ or Athena RDAs. They told me to keep the bad unit so I went ahead and ordered a bottle and some panels (and another refill bottle) so I could use the wonky pulse with the DR 24 clone or Pulse 22 that will make a 510 connection.