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Vape Mail 2018


He’s right; I checked.


You don’t feel so comfortable living this close to me now, do you??? :flushed:


Pffbbt. Like I did before… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


Yep totally agree even tho as a kid we would grab the raw rhubarb in my grandma’s garden, she would wash it, peel and then give us a small saucer with sugar on it, so we could dip the rhubarb in it. Loved it lol

Anyways, compott or I think it’s compote in English is just that at vape train. Simmered rhubarb with sugar with jam like nuances. It’s not too sweet, still got that tart bite rhubarb has but it’s very authentic in my opinion.

I’m always open to find other rhubarb of course, so please share your findings of you settled for one :wink:


Thanks, and yes that is exactly what I’m looking for in a rhubarb, so if this one doesn’t work, I will try Vape Train instead :+1:


Nice bottles! Where did you score those?




From Bolsjehuset actually. The manufacturer of the flavours I bought, they also sell some accessories apart from flavours. But I have also seen the bottles elsewhere, though I can’t remember where.


Liked the Crown 3 mini so much, I ordered the big brother.
( The price was also nice from Eightvape, since it’s an ‘older’ tank…)


I always wait for prices to go down on vape gear(When I can control myself, anyways) Nothing beats a bargin!

Good gawd, I’m becoming my grandpa!


Amazing how much wiser they get as we age isn’t it?!! :wink: :laughing:


Holy hells, yes. Not exactly on point, but to this DAY I can’t pick up a crescent wrench without hearing my grandad grumble behind me, “Use the right tool for the job, dammit!” (Which was usually followed by a call-out of the size of the bolt I was trying to loosen/tighten)


I’m somewhat late to the sub-ohm and DL style tanks,
so everything is ‘new’ to me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Rhubarb Crumble… :yum:



German flavors rhubarb is all you will ever need it is available at Vaperstek. Fret not about the price tag it is a very strong flavoring and worth every penny. I use it at 0.25% and i think i could even go lower…

Edit: i am however still going to order the vape train version, always room for improvement right lol


Got me an extra Reload RTA (clone) today.


My relationship with the Reload is a bit of a love / hate thing:

– Fantastic flavour :yum:
– Airflow as smooth as a pornstars ass.
Yeah I know, I just quoted mr. Trippers, but sometimes extreme measures are justified :wink:
– Large capacity with bobble glass.
– Easy deck to build on.
– Wicking it is like balancing on the edge of a knife with vacuum lock and poor flavour on one side and leaking like a sieve on the other.
– Top made of barbed wife for maximum pain if your lips touch the cap.
– Ridiculously short drip tip, just to make sure your lips touch the cap.
– Weeps like a 10 year old scho … me, at an onion cutting contest.
– Works best with relative short coils.

But at the end of the day flavour is king, so I can live with these cons.
Also got me some assorted thingamabobs.



I’m also happy to say that SF test of the Bolsjehuset rhubarb flavour, has revealed that it tastes exactly like I hoped it would :yum:

Whether or not it is better than the German Flavours or Vape Train version, is a question others must answer, as I’m quite happy with BH’s version … for now.
@eStorm @anon44944642 @mixologist13


After a long comparing time between this one and the Zeus Dual RTA, picked up the Obs Engine V2.
I must say … i am very impressed , and no leaking till now !


Taifun GT IV

…ShenRay clone…would love to have the original, but a bit pricey for me :frowning:

Awesome flavor as well as easy to coil and wick. JFC works well enough but feels a bit awkward. Sometimes the entire tank turns, sometimes not, thought just the control ring turned. Could be the difference between clone vs original, but don’t think so. I liked how they did the JFC on the GT III, no issues with it.

Same con on the IV like the III, super thin glass. Thankfully, the metal sleeve on the IV is solid, as in it doesn’t bend as easily as the GT III, and covers more of the glass offering a much better protection. Otherwise, the glass tank would have been broken by now while trying to adjust the JFC.

There are two slots for the airflow, and the control ring allows you to use both or just one of the slots. I vape DL and even when both slots fully open, the airflow still seems a bit restricted for DL. Although a bit restricted, it still works DL for me and don’t mind it.

I am a bit undecided. The GT III might still be my favorite tank rather than the IV, but my quest for a replacement of my second favorite tank, the original Merlin, may have ended. My Merlins are old and wearing out, but are pocket friendly and the tanks I use when out and about. The problem I have with the GT III is they leak when not upright as well as the thin not so well protected glass…not a pocket friendly tank and only use them at home. The GT IV didn’t leak when I laid it on its side with the JFC and AFC open, and the thin glass is well protected. A pocket friendly formula.

Ooops, just realized this is a bit long winded, didn’t mean for this to turn into some kind of a review. Anyway, I give a :+1: to this tank. I will be buying more. Not only because I think it is a great tank, but because of the following features listed on the box, which make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and takes me to my safe space:

Added note: Smoant Cylon is a new addition to my collection as well. I got both the gunmetal and black and have had them for a couple months now. Great mod, :heart: both, I really like the gunmetal one, somehow it just seems classy to me.


Try lil o-ring lube on the JFC? perhaps even just lil vg to get her wet may help ya.