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Vape Mail 2018


no, but my dogs do !! chase him all over the place , lol !!!


oh play the fiddle, !!! no I’m doing that, I always sing to him “”" diddle diddle cat on a fiddle “”" he gets all cocky and shit, walking sideways and stuff !!!


i admire how dedicated you are to LB flaves… i am a fan of that Strawberry Cheesecake i havent had ot in sooooo long though


Not really dedicated just friends like recipes that use those flavors and double stocking

Today’s mail


And a special thank you to @Nicotine_River . When I opened my package I was surprised by the 8oz flavoring . Thought I order 4oz . Shruged it of guessi bought 8oz. Then I found the packing slip and as tweety bird would say


I did order 4oz so thanks for the upgrade


Charon Mini came yesterday (sweet lil’ mod, that one), nic salts come today.


what does it look like, is it RDA, RTA


It’s the mod itself, seen here hosting the Iron Maiden RDTA (30mm)


@tartarusspawn I love big bottles, and I cannot lie !!!



You can never go wrong with a Smoant


Tell them that; maybe they’ll make that their tagline and send you some stuff! I agree as of now though, too. Really upstanding citizen, that Charon. Little Pluto moon.


How is their strawberry cheesecake? And no vanilla ice cream in that order?!? Lol


got my Kylin Mini going today, nailed the wick 1st try, this is my all time favorite RTA, for a single coil, I get the best flavor, thick dense flavor with smoooootttthhhh air flow, going to get some more, I got 4 kylin’s when they 1st came out and nobody heard of them, 2 had a lil leak issue, the other 2 which where 1.5 edition had zero leak.


Well now you fell even deeper in the hole. From now on, just like we other kylin mini fanatics, your first question after seeing a single coil review will be, how does it compare. Just to get the answer that the KM is still better :frowning:

Happy you got it going so quick! Enjoy it :wink:


at first, I was ok with it, but the 810 drip tip, I knew it had to be changed, I put a small bore 810/TFV8 Tip on and WOW, it just made that thing POP, like a world of difference, the 810 bore (inside diameter) matches the bore of the chamber tube, creating straight flow. If you haven’t already, please try it, you will see what I mean.


some pics to see tip difference



Already had two bottles of VIC.

Edit: their strawberry cheese cake . Is great . You heard the joke that something is so good you’ll go home and slap your momma because hers isn’t this good . Can’t make that joke with the cheese cake.

Friend actually texted his mother asking her why her cheesecake wasn’t this good



I haven’t troubled taking photos of my vape mail before, but hey! this is an extra special bit of vape mail. Yes, even more special than a substantial Medicine Flower delivery. Here’s why:

I’ve been yearning to try out Nature’s Flavors since before I ever joined this forum, since before I started mixing even! (I did loads of research beforehand) but they’re somewhere between difficult to get and impossible to get here in Britain.

Enter fellow Medicine Flower Head , @NChris. Between us, we concocted a plan to get a shed load of NF (Well, I forced myself to narrow down my selection to 62 flavours, to be precise) from DIYVS (who don’t do Internationsal Shipping) to chez moi, via himself. I had the order shipped to his address , and sent him some money via PayPal to cover shipping on to my address. They arrived today! Here they are:

How’s that for super helpful? But wait! There’s more. Chris told me to expect an extra “ little surprise” in the package.
I call it a big surprise! Here it is!

I didn’t for a moment think it would be an almost –full 15ml bottle of MF . And what’s more, it’s a flavour that I particularly wanted .

I am bowled over by Chris’ generosity. I’d like to nominate him for one of those special gold badges.

What’s more, can’t call it the icing on the cake (you’ve just seen that) , but here’s the marzipan: because Chris declared them as “food flavourings” (and a whole lot more clearly than MF does) , the package went straight throufh Customs without the usual hold –ups and without the usual extortionate charges (including an extra “handling charge” that can sometimes exceed International Shipping all by itself ) that I’m usually forced to pay on my flavour purchases from abroad. I reckon If they’d come direct from DIYVS , then Customs would have said “Aha! Vaping gear” and charged me 20% VAT on both the contents and postage as usual . plus duty perhaps, plus aforementioned handling charge . And the thing would have sat at Customs for several days until they were quite satisfied that the recipient had been thoroughly shafted.

In short, I’ve got the whole caboodle remarkably cheaply, too!

Thanks, Chris. You’re a star !


Just the crazy color drip tip and the skull themed cover for the alien
Nice to find things in mail after work :smile:


Now that is pure Kindness and Noble of @NChris, it is a pleasure to have friends like that and a Vape Family that sticks together !!! I know you are very happy @jay210 and you got one hell’ve collection there.