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Vape Mail 2018


Couldn’t agree more with this.


Enjoying the Goblin Mini V3, ordered the extension tube to take it to 4ml.
Haven’t seen a decrease in flavor.
FT delivered in 12 days.


All this inspiration for $1.00 + WELCOME10 code, including shipping.

Just noticed they even threw in Mystery Aug 18 and The Sherbinator flavor as a free bonus.


…and this is from where?



@CosmicTruth What IS this mystery pile of goodness, for only $1.00 ??? !!!


Hehe, sorry about that, didn’t read DOWN, before posting. Thank you Cosmic.


It’s like free e-liquid, you pay $1.00 and use WELCOME10 code and get a free 10 10ml bottles to try their juice. They are new so are willing to take a loss to get the word out. For us we can try their flavors and have bottles to rinse out and clone their juice! lol, jk.


@CosmicTruth Thank you very much. I looked at all the choices from the drop down menus and more than a few sound very interesting.

  • 1 x Welcome Sample Pack - 10 Bottle Bonanza Extravaganza
    (Nicotine Strength: 9 mg, VG / PG Blend: VG 65% / PG 35% [ Higher VG ],
    Flavor Choice #1: Frappapow (Caramel, Mocha, Frappuccino),
    Flavor Choice #2: The Streak (Strawberry Waffles),
    Flavor Choice #3: Strawberry WaterFelons,
    Flavor Choice #4: (S+C)2 (Strawberries & Cream),
    Flavor Choice #5: On Cloud Custard (Vanilla Custard),
    Flavor Choice #6: Buttered Beer (Butterscotch Cream Soda),
    Flavor Choice #7: Double Rainbow (Rainbow Candy),
    Flavor Choice #8: Cinnamon Toast Cereal,
    Flavor Choice #9: Banana Candy,
    Flavor Choice #10: Milk & Berries (Berry Cereal))


@CosmicTruth I am BLOWN AWAY !!! You traveled light years to get to our planet, and yet, somehow, you actually ordered almost EXACTLY the same ones, I just picked out !!!


I was trying to help you select the right flavors by traveling in time…

I can imagine most are swiped recipes from ELR, and prob @ VapeWild will be mad at me for promoting his site to a bunch of clone happy ELR’ers hehe


Now thats some intergalactic trolling right there :smiley:


Sorry to chime in but they are not new. This sample pack is being offered for over a year, probably even longer and they sell hardware as well as diy flavors, that apparently are rebottled from other brands. Can’t talk on that since I don’t test their diy flavors. I do hate the finished eliquid so lol.

I really hope you guys can enjoy these flavors, just wanted to mention that it’s not a new company or limited deal, still great if people want to try it.


For $1 dollar, it can go in the glove box as emergency back up stash.


I am thinking free bottles, and flavor inspiration if anything is tasty.
But they may have quit selling DIY supplies and flavorings because aliens were shopping their.
But with the 2 freebies I got 120ml of flavored e-juice to test, then 12 bottles to recycle :slight_smile:


Too bad they won’t apply that code for order to more exotic countries …


did I see Frappapow !!
that looks like some compilation going on there, looks like some good !!


And here is my vape mail. Happy like a kitten in a field of yarn :slight_smile:


like that steel brush, I need one !!, let us know what that Bonza is like, Bogan is a trip, sure he got his RDA going good !!