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Vape Mail 2018


I will take some photos and do a review tomorrow :slight_smile:


good be happy to hear about it, :+1:


After 3 weeks in “pass the parcel” limbo, my replacement mod has finally made it that last 50 miles to my house!!!

MyDrive won’t cooperate tho so, it’s the brown Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 – good hand fit, simple controls, just as nice as my last mod that cost twice as much really. I hereby vow to remain a cheap bastard for all time.



When I first read this I thought I read “a field full of yam”
I was thinking “yam??? what the hell does that mean???”
Damn these old eyes!


I just dripped some of the buttered beer. It tastes like butter rum and cap custard. with a touch of FW cream soda Its pretty good.It should be very easy to clone.


HAHA, You did not steep it 2 weeks? I think their mystery flavor is a game, you need to guess the flavor profile and comment, if you send them their complete recipe, don’t tell them I sent you to their site :rofl:


I coudnt wait, the buttered beer smelled so gooood.


We may need a thread for VapeWild tasting and remixes :slight_smile:


Ah, there’s my pictures! And the duplicates >.> freaking phone misbehaving with my wifi.

Hmm – it looks smaller in my hand.

I see the smart-ass jokes coming, but dammit, it does!


If you say so Andre…



Did alittle vape order from eciggity.


Let me know what you think of the mystery flavor. Im pretty sure i taste RY4 but i could be wrong. Maybe ill just let the rest steep for a couple weeks and then retest. Starting a VW recipe clone and review thread is a really good idea.


Check out this thread:


It is kind of a Alien, as to what the Mystery Flavor is however I am one of these humans that think Vape Wild is sub-par beginner mixer juice that may need its own thred, I have tried them on the few occasions and I don’t find anything really special except their marketing, and maybe the customer service and packaging other that I can say they use FW and cheap flavorings not to mention a whole lot of sweetener. I also as a human might be wrong, but as a customer I dontt think they are all that except for the cheap part,I say lets start a vape wild clone thred can’t be that hard…But no dis- respect to @CosmicTruth for its opinion,


I already started IT, wanted to keep the vape mail clean, so go leave a comment :slight_smile:


It’s all @Chrispdx fault, all he had to say was eciggity, got here in 3 days, plus I have been eyeballing this rage for long time !!!


I dooded it. One each Triade 250C paired with an intake. Oh my goodness, what a vape!