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Vape Mail 2018


Any guesses what this is? Is it a Mech? Is it a new Laser gun?

No, Its the new Joyetech Exceed NC :smile:


Dejavu. Pyro side by side compariso,


Very Cool, I have a Pyro, What are your thoughts on the DeJavu? or any comparisons, I am sure the presentation is nice but hows the Vape?


Also would love to hear about the Rage on the Left been on my wish list, is there any way around that special bottle or are you limited to trying to find the exact same bottle, Figure you got the dejavu on the nicer PSO therion you like it better, Btw it don’t get better than a few nice DNA’s and a squonker except maybe a DNA sqounk, hopefully the new and improved 250c Drone will find its way to us soon.


Just got the Dejavu coiled and wicked, 13ohm 60 watts Reply, Superb flavor and excellent airflow, tolerance on rings and fit are perfect, Only thing , wish it had a squonk pin. I like it better than the pyro, and the pyro is great on flavor. only holds 2 ml. of juice, but really easy to fill.
the Rage is awesome, at first the battery life was not what I was expecting, after firmware upgrade, BIG difference, its solid as a rock, very comfortable. the menu is easy easy, I just luv this squonker, I have never really liked the dead rabbit, after putting different coil placement, excellent flavor, I have been rocking the Rage since I got it, I tryed some other RDA squonk tanks, the rabbit is rocking. I’m sure the only squonk bottle that will fit is a Rage bottle. I have Therion BF 75C, Single battery, that was sent off to get fixed, TOO HOT issue, it will be here this saturday.


The voices came back…


They did a great fast fix for my Triad 250, you should get it back pretty quick. My thoughts exactly about the rabbit, just gotta get that placement right, I still feel it was/is a bit overrated. I also have the Therion BF 75c, awesome device but not without a few flaws, (battery life and placement, hope they get that issue fixed for you. I have found That happy place for the single battery lower wattage devices and that is using a single coil .30-.40 at 60-65 watts. For the Dual rta’s I use my gbox’s, but I really dislike those mods that have that have that rod down the bottle, might just try the fix on the old dripbox 160 first to get the hang of modifications.


U may find this helpful, not much to get the hang off tho, easy mod of your mod :grin: Geekvape Gbox Silicon Conversion


2X Black Mage single coils by Coil Art. . old school flavor!


Nice, reviewing soon? I love my original mage’s, even though they are a bit finicky with wicking, but awesome for flavor. I’ll be looking forward to a review on this one.


This is an old model, not sure if it’s the original or not. I got them on a fire sale out of China. Hadn’t really planned a review as I don’t think they will be available much longer. The mod is up for review as soon as I can round up the ambition. I’ll snoop around a little. If it looks like they will be available for awhile, I’ll push out a review. :wink:


My first impression is that according to the laws of physics this thing should not work at all, lol. The space between the outside of the barrel and the inside of the glass is super small. 30/70 liquid does not want to pass to the bottom of the rta. It forms massive air pockets under the build deck. Somehow it keeps vaping. The flavor is good. I agree with you on the wicking but I’ve done a few of this general design and kinda picked up on what’s needed. It’s a bit of an odd bird.


Just tried 50/50. Much better!!! Big difference.


Fresh in this morning


This thing is just ridiculous


Holy crap! That’s gotta hit like a freight train!


It’s does my friend…it does!


What the hell is that a Stacked 20700?


Dreamer mech with the stack on. Runs 18650, 20700, and 21700. I have Samsung 30Ts in right now.


May I ask the Build your running with that Goon right?


Yes…it’s the OG Goon. Dual 3.5 10 wrap fused Clapton. Comes out to around .45.