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Vape Mail 2018


I bought an eGo AIO Pro C and ended up loving it, using them almost exclusively for the past 9 days. We are going on a 2 to 3 week vacation in September and need something that wont leak all over and isnt at all messy when we are out and about. Well i ended up loving it so much i bought 3 more, here is the last one:

It runs off of 18650’s so using 30Qs i get some great vape time with the regular, direct lung 316 .5ohm coil. Pretty good flavor for such a device. I had one of the older ones with an internal cell and liked it a bit but it was missing decent airflow, this one has much improved airflow.

Grabbed them off of ebay, in fact i grabbed the last one from the vendor. Orange, this weird blue/periwinkle color, black and white. I was going to try a pod system but there wasnt enough time to research them considering how many there are now. And these run my 80/20 mixes effortlessly, even when chain vaping.


What is that mod?


That is the Ijoy Saber. If you’re thinking about it, there is one caution. When the device gets down to two bars of battery left, it starts delaying, like no vape delaying. I can press the fire switch a couple of times and get it to fire but it’s not managing battery usage well.


This is the mesh rebuildable I have been waiting for. It is really really good! Incredible flavor, great air flow and no dry hits. I seriously may never use another coil RDA again.



No shit? Please tell me it comes with a squonk pin…


Comes with squonk pin preinstalled :+1:


Nice…somebody phone rip trippers, I finally understand what sick as tits means lol seems like wotofo has been kicking ass here lately


Coilolgy performance coils 7 in 1, 42pc. SS316L coils, great deal, great coils. at VaporDNA.

42 COILS for $14.99 at VaporDNA.com


Not to rain on your parade, but… The PSO is just so gorgeous, I didn’t even see a coil or atty in that last pic. :laughing:

I so want one of those.


Thanks Rob, that is my pride and joy, I love the looks and the Replay, it is solid as a rock !!


I’ve tried replay, but I’m so stuck on Ti in TC mode that I can’t find that perfect hit in VW mode so I can replay it. I’m sure it’s great for some that vape in VW mode. I wish I could replay with TC mode.


It would have advantages. Replay will boost your initial wattage on a cold atty. In TC you could get that third puff on the first puff. Who knows, maybe in the future.


Replay works in TC. I use it on my new Paranormal and my Mirage.


I don’t know how to do it in Ti mode.


PV I must admit I am pretty new to the escribe side of things so this may well be misinformation. Verification from someone who knows the software better would def be an advantage.


Oh snap… It looks I can… I’m on it… Big thanks @woftam!!!


nice, I liked their ni80 pack I bought last year (still have a number of the higher ohm coils left) for my mech squonks and plan to try one of the ss packs once I use up all these AVS coils I bought for my mech and regulated squonks. I also ordered a spool of AVS [TRIPLE CORE PARALLEL FUSED CLAPTON 316L SS 28GX3/36G / 30 FT] recently to wind my own for less than the pre-wound cost (and for making them with more or less wraps). With that 30 ft spool I am probably good for a year or more but a 42 pk of those coilology ss coils would be good for a little variety and set me up for another year or so beyond this spool.


Got Mail, it all came saturday, just found it this morning!!!
Cotn Threads
Team_Vape_Labs mini black series cotton
Oumier Wasp Nano RDA
Wotofo/Mike Vapes Recurve RDA
Digiflavor Drop RDA
SXK Le Supersonic RDA
Haku Phenom Austraila RDA

The Le Supersonic is the RDA used by the men/women Venus/Pluto super Flavor Testers use. That’s where they get these super sensitive notes, like what cow the milk came from and rather it was grain fed or range fed, they taste the dirt on the Yam, and what fertilizer company used to grow the yam and other fruits. They get all these Nuances that is just unreal, so many types of Strawberries, the stem and leaf on the strawberry, they get them notes. But I’m just a regular dude that Loves this hobby and the wonderful people that surround it. No Joke about the Le Supersonic (don’t like that name) but it is one of the best RDA’s along with many more.


Vaponaute LE Supersonic made in France.
mine is made by SXK , which is much better than the original and 100+ $ cheaper and better quality, fit and finish. If you look at Geeky Vapes YT video, and compare to MF Vape YT video, you will see why.
I highly, highly, advise everyone should have one in there arsenal. As of today, this my favorite RDA, Flavor is just Absolute Perfect, Airflow Perfect. 24ohms 38 watts I’m in Heaven. Perfect for any single battery squonker.

I think i’m going to do a review on this one, after I test the other RDA’s out, the Haku and Recurve might be good to, but not as good as this Vaponaute. I think !!


It’s sold out at 3fvape :cry:. Piddlefarts!