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Vape Mail 2018


I was looking around too. Your recommendation is strong enough that it is enticing. No can find.


I found it on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/232695841833 $24.99 free shipping 3 day delivery


@Silhouette They’ve got the YFTK and Kindbright versions over at Fasttech-From what I’m reading the YFTK is on par with the SXK, so if you’re leery about ordering vape gear from ebay then maybe the slow boat is the way to go?


the only con I get is the flat head screws could be a little wider to hold some framed staples. but you can build it with round wire, and easy pesy, that is what it is made for round wire, but I like my staples.


I garuntee you won’t have no trouble with this seller, 100% seller satisfaction.


just got thru coiling wicking vaping SXK HAKU PHENOM austrailia $21.95 coming out of Florida free ship 4 day
seller 99.9% positive feedback.
You guys might as well get this one too, she is SSssswwweeeeetttTTT !!, NO JOKE, sorry but it is good and worth the money 22mm , no leaky, easy build any wire. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302832309813


I have been eyeing the Haku Phenom for a while now. It looks to be easier to build on compared to the Le Supersonic. How does the airflow and flavor compare between the two?


Yes it is 100% easy to build, with any wire, I am impressed again, I hate to sound like a salesman, but serious, the flavor is great, I would say dead even with the Vaponaute. well worth the money.

edit: yes airflow is very smooth on both, I keep both wide open.


The only con I’ve read about the Haku Phenom is those grub screws, they tend to strip really easily so beware I guess. Nice haul as always.


I understand that, i have played enough with Kayfuns to find out the maximum torque on them. I was putting some juggernaut coils on kylin mini the other day, and come real close to stripping grub screws out, and they purty hefty, but the tolerance on them where on the edge of sloppy.


I just ordered one, but from another site. :smiley:


This my new baby, pulse bf 80w with beserker rda.
Took a few goes to get coil in correct place but great flavour once done


After deep thought, longer hands on trials, I think the the Haku is the better choice, much easy to build, any coil type, Flavor just does edge over the Vaponaute, because of smaller inside chamber, condenses more, airflow angled straight center and under coil.


Awww crap! Why do I read this thread???
Ordered The Phenom, Supersonic, Krma and Entheon. Clones of course.
Going to have to vape forward some stuff to make room on the shelf. Sigh…


I need a Goon squonk pin :joy:


you are going to love the Hake Phenom, easy build, excellent flavor, good single battery squonk rda, solid and fit finish is superb


i seen them on ebay too, i think they where 5$



Helpful folks missed the joke but you know where to get one if @Lostmarbles dont come thru, from one of you other Goons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Geez you guys, @TheTinMan and @worm1, I haven’t even made the list up yet! Give the body a chance to cool :rofl: