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Vape Mail 2018


Was having the same problem with my (now beloved) Aromamizer Supreme. Lifted the coils about 1.5 mm and made sure that I could see the bottom of the coils through the airflow. The difference was unreal! It’s wild how that small of a move can make that much of a difference in flavor.


That did the trick. Airflow is coming up under the coils now and I also tucked the cotton underneath them.

I meant to mention that I actually like the bypass mode on this one.

On the Aegis it was severely lacking, but with a dual battery setup it fires very nicely even if it is locked at 4.2 volts.


Didn’t need anything, but got an email about The Ammit 22mm for Labor Day.
It’s a nice, single coil RTA and it’s in my rotation.
So thought I’d get another for back-up.
Couldn’t turn down an Authentic Ammit for $8.76 USD.:grinning:


Could’ve been worse eh?

Or even scarier… :crazy_face:


Your absolutely right, I’m extremely happy :smile:


Got an Ijoy Avenger 270 a few minutes ago. Waiting on the 20700’s to charge up but can’t wait to play with this thing. Didn’t know it at the time of purchase, but it has voice control (why?) and lights that flash according to the environment (again, why?). I’m sure I will be disabling this eventually, but first I’m going to play the hell out of it. The Avenger tank that came with it is pretty damn solid and although it’s not rba compatible (boo!) I want to try the mesh coil out.

Hurry up and charge damnit!


I think I’d rather get Marilyn over Chuckie-That little nugget 'o loopy was just a little too over the top for my tastes. Besides, Marilyn/Brian seems like he’d be a hoot to share a bottle of Absinthe and swap ideas.


Received my Phenom, Krma and Entheon clones yesterday. All of them are great but the Krma and Phenom are simply suberb RDA BF devices. Good quality work on all of them.


I have to say that this setup kicks ass! The mesh coil head is just fan-freakin-tastic on this tank (albeit a bit noisy but not annoyingly so). The mod is pretty cool too. Haven’t even tried the TC on it yet as the mesh coil is just too delicious.


I got a few new toys today! Gonna keep me busy for quite a while.


The drip tip that came with the Hermetic RDA matches quite nicely with my Pulse 80 panel lol.


Is that a triad dna250c?


Yea. The project sub ohm edition.


I’ve been browsing that mod and I just might get one. How’s it working out for you?


There was a thread regarding the new triads where the button sticks.


Oh yeah… I remember that now. Lost Vape never addressed that issue… right?


Not sure. But I know you hold on too your mods for a long time so I wanted to say something.


I’ve been searching for this post all day…

I want to give you big props for pointing this out to me. I’ve really been enjoying vaping my Ti wire in REPLAY Mode… Big Shout Out to @woftam and thank you so much…

You get the Snoop Dogg Happy Dance Award!!!




I like it so far. Actually pocket friendly for a 3 battery mod. I haven’t had time to play with the replay just yet. Trying to decide on a nice rda for it. I haven’t had problems with the button so far. We will see.


Haven’t had any vape mail in a while, which had almost given me withdrawal symptoms … until yesterday:


Most are actually one-shots, which I figured is an quick and easy way to try something a bit out of my comfort zone.