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Vape Mail 2018


Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fo’ Drizzle!

Sorry, carry on…


Can’t post a picture because my tablet wants to be a bitch about it, have to wait till I’m home tonight, but I still list what I got :wink:

Stainless Steel Round Wire gauge 24 all the way to 46
More pliers because never can have enough
Spool tamers
Magnifier glasses

Flavors : bunch of flv (cookie dough, cupcake batter, cream, peanut butter, vanilla custard, green Apple and some refills)

Then I bought the Revolver RTA and the Intake RTA both in black, maybe these can replace my kylin mini’s. We’ll see.

Hopefully I can get off work early, so excited to get started with maybe some “easy” coil builds


@eStorm Let me know if you break yours into pieces, then I can send you mine.


Not that bad yet. I apologize for the language.


No no we need MORE of it !!! The SPICE of life.


The spice must flow…



Funny, tools are the things I get most excited about. There is nothing like having the right tool for the job. One of my most treasured tools is a set of precision drivers. Nothing like a good solid fit on a Philips head screw. I cringe when a screw driver tries to climb out of the the slots.


Probably the best all time bit from South Park!



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im in love (again), review coming…


Kinda vape mail? Eciggity Retail store. Same prices as the warehouse but I got hooked up with a bunch of free stuff. Picked up a CapStone RDA, some COTN and a Drop Solo.


.google tony b. bobble head


Bobblehead For The Win !!!


Ok then, Get to it!!! Always interested in a good regulated tube.


Got myself a wotofo profile. (Or 2)
The flavour is incredible, blows everything else i got away.

Ps forgive my dodgy slightly burnt wick.
But it still tastes great so not changing it yet.


It looks like COTN is the same material used in mops. I wonder if you can buy a mop cheaper?


It is actually some pretty good stuff. Great for wicking on the go. No fluffing and they juice up fast.


I will have to try it. Even if I have a life time supply of cotton pads I must have paid $8 bucks for.