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Vape Mail 2018


Same here. That on top of a ton of rayon and hemp.
These are handy if you are in a hurry or have trouble wicking.


same here, have boat load of pads, and various cotton types, but COTN is great and $$$, but it just works so damn good!!


Time to get busy …


@fidalgo_vapes Are those DropperBottles.com ??


I again blame @Pro_Vapes and @SthrnMixer, that is all.


Well… @Ken_O_Where started it. :rofl:


No i buy them from @ecigexpress they are .15 cents each … flavorhunter50 is the code they have 30ml and 10ml … i bought 75 of them with shipping it was like 21$ , these ones are 30ml and i only use them for new recipes or sft and only use once… I wish i has somewhere to store more or i would make a purchace of 500 or so just so i do t run out for awhile


I can’t wait to hear your notes about that MF Grape… WONDERFUL STUFF THERE!

EDIT: Where’s your sample?


I was rushed for time so I Amazon’d them. :frowning:


I haven’t been interacting much for a while now. But this is my first haul in months.

This sort of vape mail may or may not have been why I moved in May. :rofl:


The new 25mm Goons arrived today. Stoked to get them running.



@marsh855, you are going to like that Recurve, it spits back a little bit than settles down, I space my coils no matter what they are, just gives me better flavor. Nice Haul, nice Library !! :smiley:


Yeah, these were my first go with anything with single coil, I normally vape at 0.1 ohm or there abouts.

In the recurve I got it to 0.2 (4x28/36 SS)with the second build and I see what you mean about the spit back initially but like you said it is better with the spacing.

Easy to build on, don’t need to get 2 coils exactly the same. :rofl:


ecigexpress haul, some new, some replacements. Illum batteries, 21700 30T 4000mah. for my squonkers that where ordered 2-3 weeks ago, I think everybody is squonking !! squonk, squonk, squonk !! singing !:star_struck:


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my BCF haul, all new, cannot wait to get in that VTA sugar loaf… smells so good !!


Please give your thoughts on Sugar loaf, was just hearing it was really good, I am very interested in trying some of the VTA flavors, as I don’t have any yet.


to me they are great, there is a few that I over did , like the watermelon, it is strong as F, but yeah a lot of great flavors, the Lemon Meringue Tart (VTA) is out of this world !! they got so many good flavors, I have used about 10-15 of them, still got about 25-30 more to try. And have not tried the Sugar Loaf. yet.


Been on a serious Mech kick lately. Got the brass version a while back and loved it so much that I had to get the copper. Now I just need to find a good copper rda for the matchy matchy.


I know that struggle and harder w/o stepping into high end stuff, copper pricey. I know off hand the Druga and Tauren are available w/ copper finishes.