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Vape Mail 2018


My wife has a Druga and I’ve thought about picking up one in copper. I would like to get a Kennedy to go with it but I refuse to pay $100 for an rda that I then have to buy the goodie bag extra. Pisses me off!


aye, thats more high end i was referring to but still always wanted one. Enjoy the 22 druga that came w/ squonk kit, cheap as chips too 12.99, still avail btw, and anticipating the 24 in brass tone soon enuff for brass tube. the tauren turned out to be a nice rda more then what i thought would be only for matchy matchy for their tube, one worth checking out


Thank you for the Tauren idea. I like the looks and I may just have to pick one up.


THC been putting out some nice gear and seem at low intro price, word catches on and shit doubles, worth to keep an eye on them if the put out anything else.


Getting hard to find as VC have no stock but I like the Buddha (I have 3 of the 30mm version not sure how the 24mm goes)


I recently won a giweavay by @Heaven_Gifts where I won 2 21700 batteries and a 30$ giftcard, which I used to buy the Vapefly Core RTA.



Just received the Dovpo Topside (no pic. camera issues) I have to say first impressions are very good, even the heavy plastic slide top box it comes in.


Can use it as a RDA stand, and stash box!?


YEP has 4 pre-drilled holes in the lid


More thought put into this than I have seen in a long time. :+1:


got some stuff from Wotofo, has anybody heard of the Faris RTDA, I think it’s a Kuwait you tube reviewer , got the Profile, smooth airflow.


I tried the Faris RDTA, my advice don’t buy it, not my kind of vape. Somebody might like it, not me!!, The Profile is different, not something I would use that often.


Is this common practice for USPS to bounce packages back and forth?


I just went through the same thing last week. In Brooklyn too. Not sure if it’s some sort of glitch. I hope it is because that would make no sense.


Pretty sure they have had an issue, I have a usps package that was in Sydney at 2.39 pm on the 6th - same tracking number departed Louisville, United States 11.47pm on the 6th and then departed Melbourne at 0536 am on the 7th so unless they have some super secret superfast transport I am chalking it up to their system got screwed.


Had a package do that last year in San Francisco-Bounced from SF Customs to Richmond and back to SF a couple of times. It was icing on the cake for The Package That Never Came, as the order in question was placed by yours truly from a Chinese vendor just before CNY. The SF/Richmond postal hubs are notorious for black-holing packages.


Well I hope it finds it bearings pretty soon because I’m running out of VG


Not exactly vape mail since it didn’t arrive in the mail, but still new today :slight_smile:


You are going to luv that REPLAY !! SX is on my list, but holding on for awhile.


I already love it :slight_smile: