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Vape Mail 2018


That’s the worst! Hopefully the postal gremlins will focus their energies on someone else’s package so that you can resume flavor-blasting your taste buds.


UFC Heavy SQ. Brawl
Topside vs OHMBOY
winner takes on the Pulse X flying in from Hawaii


It’s getting worse though… apparently Belgium is a little borough in Brooklyn


WTF?!?!? Wow.


Someone in Brooklyn will be scratching his head… wtf is this gallon of VG and what the hell do I do with it?


Hey, fuggedaboutit! A little dip wit da’ comb, and lookin’ gooood, ya’ know?



Brooklyn born raised and still here… That gallon is already not that far from me. Lol


What the ever-loving…?? So, it was delivered, THEN sent to Belgium? Somebody at the post office has been nipping at the special mushrooms again!


Nope. it originates in the US with destination Belgium, sent with USPS International.
It leaves Brooklyn for New Jersey, then is sent back to the same sorting center and delivered in Brooklyn the next day. Ebay as well lists it as delivered.

By now it should’ve sat somewhere in EU customs…


If there’s anyway I can help out here in Brooklyn. Let me know.


If I knew the address, I’d give it to you but I’m not privy to that info…
I contacted the seller, asked him to sort it out.


Gotcha. Hope it gets taken care of asap. This one def won the absurd award for 2018.


Didn’t realize that you were in Europe-Perhaps USPS wanted to take your VG for a night on the town before they shipped it across the pond? :crazy_face:

Not trying to make lite of your problem-I think @MisterSinner nailed it with the Absurd Award. That just straight sucks!


Same thing happened to me for a prescription. According to the company usps decided to reuse old tracking numbers.


the smok is for my GF , she tried nicsalts out of a pod system called Suorin which sucks but she hasnt smoked ciggs since that time ( week ) my mother got the Novo from a friend and it is a nice little pod , I guess its time to purchase a small thing of Nic Salts. ( not for me ). The smoant is for me lom


A colleague of mine got the novo kit and he likes it a lot. Surprisingly good flavor on it


yes not bad at all and it produces a fair amount of clouds …


SS430: “0138” [0.00138]


Spoils from piliging at ELR


The tauren rdta is amazing, i have one in brass on top of my brass dreamer. The airflow on it is a mix between the haku and recurve. Intense flavor when it hits right :smile: