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Vape Mail 2018


Sugarloaf is a slice of ripe pineapple


In this area of the world, a sugar loaf is this



@Suomynona Mmmmmm nom nom …


I can tell you right now it aint bread :grin:

Vape Train’s Sugarloaf Pineapple Flavoured DIY Concentrate for e-liquid making is a sweet and juicy white fleshed pineapple. We’ve created this pineapple flavour for those e-juice recipes that need a sweeter and juicer type of pineapple. Great flavor as a mixer or even use it as a standalone.


I dont know yet, but I’ll find out soon!


Thank you for your order from Delosi Labs - Big Commerce! We wanted to let you know that your order (#xxxxxx) was shipped.

“Big Commerce!” :thinking: I ordered like a dozon or so small bottles, <$50.00 total, this makes me feel like they’re shipping me gallons of it.


Thanks for the enlightenment!
To say I would have been disappointed to learn that “the hard way” would be an understatement. lol


Is a more or less a “payment service” (website framework) frequently used by some ‘smaller’ vendors. :wink:


Hopes are dashed now, :joy: felt good thinking gallons would show up! :happycry:


With out ELR I would never of won this from one of the latest vendors contests!! Thank you!


I know it doesnt really count as vape mail because i drove to the store and picked it up… but i didnt want to wait for the mail man when they are only 10 minutes down the road.


Looking forward to the review of that Breath RDA :slight_smile:


new sqounkers Topside, Pulse X


it is a type of pineapple that is grown in Hawaii , the vape flavor VTA did a banging job, the best sweet pineapple on the market, when you get it, go big.


Let me know how they are, still searching for a good/better squonk mod :wink:


Will be interested to see what you think of that Topside!


Only needed nic salts , but i had to reach 50$ for free shipping . Always need VG , PG and nic


to me the Topside is the better , with a 21700 4000mah battery, able to download TC , good quality squonker, worth buying, the price will probably come down after all the hype settles. The top fill method is so much cleaner and easy. I still like my Rage. The Pulse X is ok as a back-up, kinda cheap, light feeling even with 21700 battery.
my picks for the best squonker:

  1. Topside
  2. Rage
  3. Therion 75C BF , just because of DNA chipset, but battery installation, filling squonk bottle is PIA
  4. Pulse X is ok, but just ok, it works!!

Topside is good, well worth buying, topfill method makes it a great squonker, just need a DNA 250C REPLAY chipset !!


try the VTA honeycomb , goes well with cereal or anything, it gets stronger as it steeps.


havent tried any vta yet , but i probably will ty for the advice …