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Vape Mail 2018



You got free shipping with 100mg/ml nicotine from Nic Rivers?

I tryed that (even with a $50.00+ order) but only 48mg/ml had the free shipping option. The 100mg/ml nic had a premium $20.00 default shipping fee, probably for paper work and special shipping for nicotine over 50-60ml/ml.

I hope that changed.


I just checked and it showed free shipping on my test order, for 100mg/ml nic @ 1ltr +150ml to get it over $50.00


ya there have never been any restrictions o. the free shipping over 50 for me … i know ECX will only do free shipping if it 48mg …hopefully NR doesnt see this and rethink things lmao


I just ask, cause months ago when I ordered it was like that with NR. So they must have updated it.

Thats what I was hoping for putting of buying again cause im 100% satisfied with their Salts and didnt want to shop around and get something sub-par


ya you should be fine , i went with their PurNic salts bc i was happy with their freebase so i was hoping for the ssame quality


I got me one of these today

I recently saw an opensource drawing for a 3D printer, so I asked a shop what it would cost to print it: 26.50€
This hugsvape one, delivered at my door for 1.75€


I love these things. Time savers.



awesome! i havent been around here for awhile. what are these new flavors?


@Jazzy_girl Apparently not (I thought so too). @JoJo was hot on the trail a while back on these.


nice thank you! i think your notes are perfect!


Thank you very much.


Right from Delosi Labs. Lil ones r 3ml samples… :yum:




Get ready for the bombardment!


Hi Freddie!

You should receive free shipping if your order is–

Within the Continental US
Over $49
Under 200lbs
Does not contain pure nicotine

Sometimes shopify gets squirrely when calculating shipping; give us a call if this happens again and we can put your order through for you.



You gotta love it when vendors actively seek to help out customers :+1:


@Suomynona, and @Sales_Nicotine_River Absolutely !!! Setting the bar high @Nicotine_River.


Just wanted to stop in and give a shout out to @Nicotine_River @Sales_Nicotine_River for being awesome. Placed my first order with them in the probably close to a year as I sadly fell off the diy wagon for a bit. Picked up the general base, nicotine, and flavors pushing just around a $60 order to qualify for free shipping, nothing fancy. I had been debating giving smooth salts a try but decided to stick with a normal 150ml of 100mg purenic. To my joy and surprise I also had a 250ml of 100mg smooth salts magically appear in the box. I of course double checked the invoice and it isn’t there. I know plenty of companies like to add a little bonus here and there but this was above and beyond what any other place would do. Even if it was an accident which is hard to believe it is greatly appreciated and just reminds me of why I have been and will continue to be a loyal customer.


your going to make some people jealous lol , take what you could get and run with it lol …