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Vape Mail 2018



Great starter Kit highly recommended if you’re just starting, no fuss, has WAY MORE then you can get for the same cost ordering items separately. :+1:


Where are my batteries? :frowning:

No contents but an invoice to someone in a different country who didn’t even order what I did…
So many shpping woes recently.

I did get my gallon of VG yesterday, nearly a month after ordering it, this time it was actually sent to me and not delivered in Brooklyn on someone’s porch.
Still hoping customs will reconsider labeling my flavor concentrates as aromas instead of nicotine containing e-liquids, destroying them and fining me for something I didn’t even order.

That’s 3 problems with the last 3 packages I ordered and I’ve got 5 more on the way :roll_eyes:


Inspired by a recent thread on scales, I have just got a mg (1/1000g) precision scale that goes up to 100g. It also comes with a calibration weight and batteries, all for less than 20$.

Hopefully I won’t have to battle with the stickiness of my old 1/100g scale anymore, at least not when making small batches.

*stock picture as I’m having trouble with my camera


Way too funny as I just finished reading your review on the Anita, thks again as it answered a few questions.

something we gotta work on.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually did get a sharp picture of the screen on the Anita … but it only showed half of it, as the screen seems to be interlaced. Actually a very sharp screen on the Anita, just not able to catch it properly.

My current problem with my camera, is a more recent problem.


@Suomynona OK, wait a minute, … WHAT ??? !!!

Batteries missing, but incorrect shipping receipt WAS shipped ?? Over a month for a gallon of VG to arrive ?? Who’s labeling what as nicotine ejuice ??

I’m confused. I’m afraid to ask, but what company(ies) are you having these issues with ??


It’s called :snail: mail and European customs unfortunately :frowning:


About a month ago, I ordered a gallon of VG from ebay (US to Belgium). Package was shipped a week later, 3 days later I get a message it is delivered… in BROOKLYN :smiley: Finally after a whole lot of trying to contact them, they finally sent another package which arrived about a month later.

This empty envelope… I ordered 6 30Qs. Envelope was ripped and all the contents were gone, except for an invoice for a guy in Hungary :crazy_face: (they sent a new package immediately an hour after my email, thank goodness Fogstar is a nice company)

And about a month ago, I placed an order at NicRiver for a bunch of flavor concentrates we can’t get in EU… stuck in customs since Oct 2. Got a letter a week ago saying everything was impounded because my package contained nicotine containing e-liquids (I didn’t order any such thing). E-liquids are indeed not allowed but you can hardly call a concentrate an e-liquid. Still trying to get them to release the package but customs… slow AF.

Still got a package coming from Steamcrave, gearbest, crazy wire, ali express and one from Heaven Gifts :smiley:

Definitely shouldn’t buy a lotery ticket these days, luck is not on my side

EDIT: Oh by the way, I don’t blame any of these companies… USPS screwed up and Belgian customs… with Fogstar… well, shit happens. They corrected their mistake immediately.


Alright, trying to better understand this. I just ordered (a week ago) some juice from the UK, and just received it, via Royal Mail / USPS and it was non problematic. Does European Customs not handle my packages FROM the UK to the US ?? If Belgium Customs is the issue, I may be safe from that at least.


If customs is involved for you, it’ll be US customs so you don’t have to worry a bit.
Belgian laws for vaping is TPD on steroids… and not all people at customs really know what what is I assume. They probably say “Nicotine River” as a sender and jumped to conclusions.
Those batteries… did’t go through customs. UK is still in the EU so all that should come through without checking. Bad handling probably damaged the envelope, it looked a bit torn from the weight of the batteries, not ripped open by a greedy courier.


Ahhh thank you, my ignorance for over seas shipping not withstanding here …


Would be nice if there were some international standards, right?
It’s all hard to follow what goes on where. But didn’t I read somewhere they want to get something similar in the US, ban all online sales and send ppl to a B&M shop? We have that here for all e-liquids and hardware.


Roger that @Suomynona :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Slight derail but that is exactly what is going to happen in South Australia in about 2 week - the Vaping Bogan works for Vapoureyes one of the biggest distributors in AU who are in Sth Australia. I suspect he will have a few words to say about it.


Well, i can tell you it sucks goat balls and I hope that won’t become the new international standard. One of the bad things about it is that your choice in liquids and hardware will be very limited.

Sorry for the derail


NO derailing @Suomynona, as it is VERY relevant TO Vape Mail IMO. Plus, you mentioned two of my TRIGGER words. Goats, and Balls !!!


Joe @RoyalVapes is some kind of voodoo witch doctor, and I am UN-able to figure out exactly HOW he makes his damn Donut Custard. P.S. ALL of his custards are excellent.



Hang out in a vape shop. Get to know the owner and have them order your supplies for you. All the vape shops around the world im sure have the clicks going with regulars, i see it all the time.


Vape shops are not allowed to order straight from an international supplier unless they are registered/licensed as a distributor in vaping products. Every new product on the market still has to be registered (and pay for it), so they have to be sure that they’re going to get their money back and make a profit before they do that). Vape shops buy from local distributors only.
Things here are … complicated :slight_smile:


Just a little warning… don’t get these spool tamers, they’re absolutely rubbish :disappointed: