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Vape Mail 2018




I have those too, just thought i’d try something different now. Beadalons are good but not as easy to get here



You guys are really a bad influence.

I have 10 atomizers I burned from using too high of a VG juice, I want to recycle.

So buy new for $20 w shipping or recycle forever for $5?

Looks like Im buying this SS316L 28ga to get .6 ohm


LOL :rofl: how is that our fault?


DIY It’s that what your doing with all that wire you got?


Sure, but I’m not fixing coil heads, just for my RDAs/RTAs.
Your previous message was a bit confusing, like you meant we made you use too high VG juice for your coils. If just meant rebuilding, I’m happy you’ve found it interesting enough to dig into it and start doing it yourself.


Np you missed the point happens. :wink:

Your Happy im Happy Hope were all Happy.

Heck Yea I love projects! You guys are a great help and influence


I see it you explained it very well…

Juul will never be banned in the US, you have to read between the lines and understand all the hype in the US is nothing more than a public awareness campaign to make sure underaged individuals can not get them.

But out right bans in other countries have an agenda to sell their own e-cig’s, because Juul is killing the market and taking away from local business manufacturing. It’s a smoke screen to make you not see whats going on, use Juul as an excuse, to protect the money of those who have investments in e-cig business in these countries - other than Juul.


i thought the latest news was to take vape products out of convenient stores and place them in the vape shops only , but i may be wrong … the day im forced to pay B&M prices is the day i quit vaping


Prices are the least of my concern, it’s the lack of choice. There are plenty vape shops that want to do an effort for their customers and order it wherever if a customer asks for it, but if laws prevent them, they’re not going to take risks that will jeopardize their business.

Kudos if you can quit vaping so easily, but I’m sure a lot of people are not in that position. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. There are other ways to prevent underage people from buying online, because that is the whole purpose of it all. If people can identify themselves securely to do their taxes online, I’m sure they can identify themselves when buying vape gear, proving they’re legit adults.


that is another thing as well … i wont quit immediately since i have 5 or 6 mods that are still unopened and will staybthat way but ill quit buying gear for sure . Im already a cheap ass about mods and other gear lol to pay more than double again thats not for me … i hope it doesnt end up that way but i do agree with keeping vape product in vape stores weather they are BnM stores or online stores …



Worse case, personally I can’t imagine anything worse then nic would be over-the-counter pharmacy only. (like all the other nic products) And gear flavors supplies etc would be untouched.

It’s all the e-juice that I have no idea how that might change. Other then 1 shot 0mg concentrates might be the only thing you can get online. :scream:



Fresh cells for my toys, because after a couple of years of hard use, the HG2’s have finally started to go all wonky. I’ve been vaping at higher watts, so I went with the VTC5A’s for a little peace of mind. Can’t seem to get pictures to work today, so close your eyes and imagine 4 fresh sets of lovely green Sony cells lovingly ensconced in shining new cases.

Straight talk: Illumn RAWKS! Ordered Tuesday afternoon, batteries were in my mailbox this AM. Went with the free shipping, and they sent it Priority. SWEET!


+1 @paingawd



Vtc5a…the best all around battery you can buy. Good pick!


i was just looking at batteries today , and the vtc5 haveba couple different ones … so am i looking for the A to be at the end ??? it confused me so i was just gna grab the 25r


The vtc5 and the vtc5a are different the 5a can have a 35 amp draw as long as it is kept below 80c the vtc5 is a 25 amp draw.

From memory check with mooch


Go with the 25a


I’d been using the VTC6’s in my DNA75 mods, but with continuously running them around 50-ish watts, the mods were getting a little too warm for my liking. I got the GTRS VBoy 200 for my higher wattage needs, but was using an old pair of LG2 batteries and they were also getting a tad warm, even though I’m only running that mod around 60-65 watts. Now that I’ve got the 5’s, I can start playing with my RDTA’s again, as they require a more robust build(and more power) than my trusty Billows. Let the (safe) games begin!


While there were some other vendors(also Mooch-approved) that had prices that were a little lower, the shipping was so atrocious that I went back to my trusted vendor, Illumn. Between their already decent prices and the free shipping after $50, I actually came out ahead ordering from them. One supplier calculated my shipping at $17! From PA to CA?!? What the hell were they shipping their batteries in-Gold foil?