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Vape Mail 2018


In the us anyhow, id only consider https://www.illumn.com/ or https://www.imrbatteries.com/ finding them very close in price but one may have a sale on the one you want. Think both include a dual batt case and IMR throws in a couple wraps.


Unlike our local vape shops, the plastic battery boxes, a couple rewrap sleeves and positive pin insulators are included for about 40% of the B&M price.

Gotta love those 30Q’s: cheap, good, long lasting and keeping up better over time than the VTC6’s


sorry, bit of derail.

What do you think compared to HG2?


I’ve only had 1 set of 3 and I swapped it with a set of VTC5’s. The HG2’s stopped charging to maximum and drained within 2 hours after about a year and 2 or 3 months. 9 months later, I’m still using the same VTC5s and they still last me over a day. So naturally, I’m not really too happy about that.
I do know that others have other experiences so perhaps I’m not the best reference with an experience based on 1 married couple.

update after Sprkslfly’s post:
I typically vape on a 3 battery regulated mod between 70-80W
i.e. 80W/3 batteries = ~27W per battery
at low voltage (3.2V), I would draw 27W / 3.2V / 0.9(efficiency) = ~10A per battery (and that’s a generous rounding).
I could probably do with higher mah batteries and lower amps, but I prefer to be on the safe side.
Also during charging I use 500, 700 or 1000mA so no stress on batteries either.


As much as I hate quoting myself (it just feels wrong)…

Buy for your needs/application (actual power demands).

The reason everyone gets confused is because it’s easy to forget that everyone vapes at different power with different builds, and desired heat flux.
This is why you see so many various recommendations of “this is best”, and the actual batteries are often VERY different!

A reminder, or perhaps new info for those that haven’t run across it yet (click the link, it’s easier to read):

Bottom line, I vape at 15a typically, and the 30Q’s have been a huge improvement for me, over both the HG2’s (browns) AND the 25r5’s.

Your mileage WILL vary, so buy for your needs (after you’ve done the math! At someplace like steamengine.org)


Mystery Vape Mail from Florida!
Why is it ticking?

Which end is the coil?

Just a joke…
I know, bad taste, but its halloween



I like this, my first coil was a SS430 Clapton with like 6 wraps or so 0.4ohm. Liking the flavor definitely better than my tanks. But dripping is a PIA, and every puff it seems I need to drip to get flavor. It leaks a little i think because I overdrip.
I’m going to put some SS316L in it next. If I had a squonker I could get used to this flavor.


I put an SS430 in my recurve as well and I’m loving the heck out of it. On a squonker, it’s perfect.


Just rebuilt it with a Ti 24g wire, 9 wraps, 0.34ohm. First try at Ti… it’s not bad but I don’t really get the hype. Still seems like I was getting more flavor with my 316L fused claptons.


i wish i had a certain vaping style … im all o er the place depending on what tank and juice im using so i could vape as low as 35watts up to 75watts , some single coild some dual coil , some standard coil wraps and some clapton… this is why i asked what would be the best all around battery. Ive been using the 30q b4 that the 25r and hg2 i think it was called and for some reason i think the 25r were the best …


As I’m posting this, I’m seeing @Pro_Vapes replying ?? !!!

I’ve only dabbled in other wire types, still loving Kanthal, had some success with SS, but I keep going back to the K.


No kidding!


I miss that guy…


I’m sure a lot of us do…


woke up sleeping beauty


I DID IT!! Yeah baby! :grin:


Shpeaking wires, what is a TC wire with highest overall resistance. Lets say if i take 26ga simple wire of each kind which would have highest overall reistance.

My experience so far is ss316l, ni80 and K (of course ni80 and K being non TC wires) but for the same gauge ss has lowest resistance, followed by ni80 and then K.

I’m looking to build some chunkier coils for TC but don’t want to have resistance lower than 0.3 ohm per coil


Easiest way to find out, go to

Just select any build, then change the material of the coil and check the resulting resistance


can o’ worms OK, what’s the REAL DEAL with Stainless Steel Wire?


I’ve been lurking today, but I felt a need to respond here.

Kinda my same response I had with that type Ti build until I made the Deep Water Build. I’m pretty sure you’d see a difference if you had went this route at this link below with a good TC mod… preferably DNA… (even better with Replay). It’s all about the super low ohms… less than .10 ohm.

I’ve tried to be specific about 22g Ti and super low ohms and a DNA Mod with TC for maximum flavor results.

But this ain’t for everyone. YMMV