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Vape Mail 2018


I don’t think (failing memory and all) I’ve ever used Ti wire. Do any of you mo smart people know if this would be good to use ?? Surgical grade ??

Titanium Grade 1, the most ductile and softest titanium ALLOY. Good for cold forming and corrosive environments.

Wire Shape: Round
Heat Treatment: Annealed (soft)
Melting Temperature: 1668°C
Made in USA
Electrical Resistivity: 1.377953 - 0.170604 µohms/ft (0.42 - 0.052 µohms/m)


You mean a mod like this?

Yeah, I also have a dual build in my Tsunami on a DNA250. Same 24g wire though.
When I placed the order, I wanted to get the 22g wire (as I’ve heard you mention before that it makes a difference), but it was all sold out. I’m getting ready for a 2 month trip and I don’t have time to go look around in other places for a single spool of 22g but it’s definitely something I’ll still try.

Guess it’s fair to say that I haven’t given it a fair try yet, but I’m not done with it yet either. It’ll just have to wait a while…
This was just something to play with (10m spool), to see if Ti has a flavor, how springy/easy to work with it is etc.


clean quality source for all wire


I’ve used it too so that’ll work… I think it’s the same that Lightning Vapes sells.

Temco also sells 34g Ti for those that want to make claptons.


I’ve used it before and it works fine. Just make sure you clean it before you coil it. I use fine steel wool (like a brillo) and it works with a couple-three passes. A quick run with some Dawn and a rinse. Others use paper towels and alcohol. Both ways work. I almost gave up on it because it tasted awful. Another ELR family member told me about cleaning it well and I’ve been a fan ever since.


rinse extremely well w/ dawn, it tastes like shit and actually leaves a film if u clean contact parts limiting conductivity


Yep. Been there and tasted that. I forgot that I have a very watered down solution for just that.


I didn’t use soap because of possible residue… just steel wool, good rub with a cloth drenched in alcohol and a good rinse under the tap and dry with paper towel. Seems pretty clean with no off taste.


Would you suggest a parallel coil for a single coil atty? I don’t usually use tc, but I have two rta’s that are super finicky with wicking and they are both single coil, I picked up 24g ti a long time ago and tried it out again a month or two ago and can’t get the heat off of it that I normally like, gotta run them at 590 or 600 degrees to get an acceptable vape, I imagine the thicker wire would help with that issue, but getting a single coil below 0.1 is not easy


I’ve only used dual non-contact 22g Ti coils for the last few yrs, so I can’t say what else might work. From my understanding standard coil builds works best for TC.


Yeah it would have to be a spaced parallel, I wonder if they make 20g ti, either way I’m gonna get the 22g to see how much of a difference it makes vs 24g, I imagine it’s a lot as it makes a difference with SS316L and it doesn’t have near the tcr curve that titanium does.


Unless you own a Cylon! :wink:
That’s probably one of the bigger things that’s impressed me about that particular mod. It will read a non-spaced parallel Clapton coil without issue, and accurately (hot or cold), and it tracks (the SS curve) like a dream.

Not many mods that I can say that about.

I have used just such a coil for the last couple years in this manner. (Ask mrpipes about it) :wink:
(I really need to get a post up about that coil…lol) I think it might help some single coil atty users out there. (it can be run spaced as well if one likes.)


I have been running SS316L coils of many variations, but I don’t use temp control because it always seems too cool of a vape for me, I used to have a triad and even the dna chip tc just didn’t work, I could hit the coil in power mode at 45 watts and it was perfect, but in tc at the same wattage it would hit temp control even up at 450-480 degrees, and if I went up to 500 it would singe the cotton a little instead of kicking on. I gave up on it a long time ago cause my daily drivers are two boreas tanks, which I have never had a dry hit from when wicked correctly even up to 120 watts, and two squonk setups which I don’t get dry hits cause I squonk the bottle after every other hit usually. I am going to get some 22g ti because the flavor I get from my 24g ti is very good, it’s just lacking the warmth that I like in a vape, If you go by the steam engine heat flux numbers I’m usually between 275 and 315 no matter what wattage I’m running.


I hate to de-rail the vape mail, but this is my new vape mail from wizard labs, new wonder flavors, don’t be hating !!! :crazy_face:


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the good Boys and Ghouls :laughing:

This is another “easy to build” RDA that was suggested, so I’ll have a comparison against my Recurve.
Wanna see my Deck?


6mm deep open juice well

Maybe because its a brand new wick and coil but the flavor is a little better than my Recurve.


WTF @CosmicTruth !!!


6mm (six millimeters) not 6.0m… and it is a little less to the bottom of the airflow.


Deck pics?