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Vape Mail 2018


What was the old Bob and Tom skit about the company that came and cleaned your deck with a vacuum? Deck Suckers was the name I do believe.


Nailed it @TheTinMan


I would not stoop so low to be a deck sucker.

I got these too because there shiny :slight_smile:

and tired of rebuilding used coils


The one on the right just came in. It’s a left handed model


I did not know Augvape Intake RTA came in a right handed model


No silly, it’s the SL class that comes in right and left hand models. Aliens, these days!


I knew that, dang Ogers …try and keep up, We use right, left and middle handed mods for the best vaping experience!


Moving up into the world of squonkers with my NEW Bravo Box 21700 Mechanical Squonk MOD.
$15.00 from 3FVape.com
Search "Authentic Bravo Box Bottom Feeder " on 3FVape.com http://www.3fvape.com/search?search_query=Authentic+Bravo+Box+Bottom+Feeder
(Beware, you get what you pay for)


Postman stopped by


That’s got to be one THIN mod man! :wink:


I can’t make up my mind about the Triade or the Finder…
What made you go for this one?


It might be a big thick check from the Triad company!


I have the 250 Triad. Absolutely love it. I use it almost every day. 3 batteries gets me through at least a day and a half while running at 120-150 watts. Once I looked at the reviews, especially @SmilingOgre, and saw how the menu was made easier to navigate and then the added replay function, I was sold.


For a 3 battery mod…it’s pretty slim. Definitely makes me look slimmer. :wink:


The Finder 250C is nearly the same, that’s why I asked :wink:


You know, I never even considered the Finder.


From what I’ve picked up, Lost Vape and Think Vape are 2 companies ran by different people from the same family, so instead of working together in the same company, they decided to each have their own company. They do seem to share blueprints and have very similar models (e.g. Therion 75W and Finder 167W, Triade and Finder 250C).


If I remember correctly, in the past I saw more issues with build quality in the Think Vape line of products than in the Lost Vape line. That was one of the reasons I went with the 250 Triad.


I’m waiting until black Friday before I bite… hopefully they’ll have good deals on them and I hope I’ve made up my mind by then :grin: