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Vape Mail 2018




I really want to hear about this one good sir!!!


Need to know more about this!


Man that looks awesome


@SmilingOgre @NChris @CosmicTruth I had a hard time getting this one and it wasn’t cheap. I totally missed it when these were released. Stumbled across a review of it, and the hunt began. Apparently QP only does limited runs from what I can gather. DUAL airflow rings, juice control, absolutely stunning looks, machining, and design workmanship. Top cap and chimney don’t even thread, they have a specific notch you have to line up, and OFF they come. Can’t wait to get into this one.


That sure is pretty, but way too rich for the likes of me. Please review it for us when you get it. First time I’ve heard about this one and I’m curious


OOH dude you are lucky to find one they are rare as rocking horse shit


I will @Lostmarbles. Yes @woftam you aren’t kidding.

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Haven’t even cleaned this yet, but just moving the rings, checking out the o-rings, machining, the form and fit, is almost 2nd to none. I’ll have to clean it up, take some good pics, and review it elsewhere.


That gold color you selected is awesome looking, great choice there.


Thank you @CosmicTruth.


@SmilingOgre @NChris @CosmicTruth @Lostmarbles @woftam threw up a quick one…


I can only comment on the black finder 250c as its the one I have. And I’m really happy with mine, as its made in a way that wont make you get paint floss all over, as my old triade started doing after 2 months. Shape wise they are pretty much the same. So if lost vape have stepped up their material / coating game, they should be pretty much the same. The only con I can find with the finder… is the “ring” on top of where the atty sits, makes it less suitable for some attys above certain diameters. You will make the attys work, but just knowing it has that small lip, well that can be a con for some.


Thanks for confirming some pros and cons I picked up elsewhere. I do value the experience of actual users on ELR more than the random remarks/reviews on the rest of the net.
Usually Lost Vape comes out with the better quality but Think Vape looks to pick up their game. 30mm atties shout fit any 3 battery mod without overhang, but I can live with that if the paint stays on.


The only issue I’ve had with mine is the one magnet in the battery door popped out, as in stayed in the mod. Had to reglue it, other than that its a sturdy son of a, and in a material I’m not quite sure what is, cause theres no paint floss or anything. Sits good in the hand, and matches my daaawg. :rofl:

I’m sure, as long as lost vape dont screw up with the bad paint, they are basicly identical in functionality, and then begins the subective looks part to matter. Lost vape is alot easier to find as well, afaik. Might be better with lost vape for support cases, then again I dont know.


Thank you @Heaven_Gifts


What you got there @Suomynona ?? !!! :slight_smile:


Geek Vape Alpha Tank with some :bangbang:MASSIVE:bangbang: mesh coils


Shiny shiney and it’s yuuuuuuuuge.