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Vape Mail 2018


Waiting for mine to arrive. Also a gift from @Heaven_Gifts instagram flash giveaway



You’re kidding me, they actually ship to ISRAEL??? :astonished:
Isn’t vaping against the law there???

Voopoo is letting their competitors getting ahead of them :smirk:


I guess Israel has this special law where everything that Poopootech (or
@VOOPOOTech) sens to Israel is illegal and can’t enter the country.

Other vendors are not covered by this law, and nice folks from @Heaven_Gifts can send without being harassed


Refills and testers.


Nice!!! Very intersted in the Yes We Cheesecake review. It’s on my list. All the samples look interesting really. Good Job


@Freddie3 thanks man. I haven’t bought an INW in forever so I’m anxious !!


If I may ask… how many people do you mix for? :star_struck:


Hehe @Suomynona, big bottles gave me away ehhh ?? I think close to 35 now. Nothing major, but 2nd full time job almost.


If TPA discontinuse VC or BC for the DX version tomorrow or any time please put aside 30mls of both for me Pleaseeeee. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a reup on some of and vg and ice cream with few new flavors to try and help with my chase for the perfect orange icecream tang. Couldn’t pass up the lb Halloween sale. Thanks @LiquidBarn.


@Chrispdx You’re going to LUV those nice big squeeze bottles, and glad to see you upsized the VIC !!!


Yes. Upsized for sure. You can never have to much Vic lb. excited about finding a gem that uses lava cake…have heard way too much about that flavor. Sherbet and orange banana…welp those are shots in the dark.


Found a few gold voltrove mini’s on a site here in Au and since it is hard to get I got a couple.

Love this tank

My skull build stands arrived from South Africa today as well

Just incase I need to build in the dark


Must … have … skull…


We Love Joyetech
They sent me some more samples…

Very nice kit for me to review, It has an awesome OLED display. Most visible in direct sunlight. Unfortunately I cant take a picture of it with my camera.

I’ll put a review together for it in a couple of weeks.


nice! your gonna love the creme brulee VT & INW yes, we cheesecake!! both are very delicious and play well with other flavors :wink:
Ive never tried the TPA dx Juicy peach tho. it must be great if u have a huge bottle like that!


Uh ohh …


Wow…bye bye Steam Crave…hello QP?


Hehe, not quite there yet @NChris, BUT, I will say, my flavor needing needs WERE met by the QP Design Fat, and seeing as though they were just put on the Endangered Species List, figured I’d better back it up, and since QP impressed me soo much, figured I’d see what’s what with the Jugger, just to see if the Fat was a one hit wonder of theirs, of if maybe they really HAVE it figured out.