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Vape Mail 2018


I had a chat with a local Israeli vendor who claims to know the folks at QP (supposedly they met a few months back), and he claims that QP is currently working on an MTL device, and after that one is out, Fatality, Juggerknot and Juggerknot mini will be re-released in larger quantities


Well, I can’t speak to any re-releases, but if they are working on an MTL, and the Jugger works out for me, I could see picking one of those up too !!!


I just got my second fatality this morning :slight_smile:

Still thinking whether to do a proper photo review since they are not originals


That’s your call. Too bad you don’t have one of each for a compare / contrast. I’m not anti-clone, but sometimes it’s a viscous cycle. Someone spends a lot of time and money/research/testing on a truly unique concept piece, patent it, produce/market/release it, only to have it cloned in less than a month. Quite a little cycle there. More and more often, I’m leaning away from clones, and paying it forward to the creator / original designer, as it seems the right thing to do. Doesn’t mean I’ve NEVER purchased any clones, but my purchasing behavior is changing over time.


The only reason bought the clones is that I can’t get an original for a sane price (sane price would be $100 including shipping). Best option I found was around $150 including shipping, and that is way over what i’m willing to spend on a tank :slight_smile:

If they get re-released in larger quantities, i’m definitely gettng one or two originals


I am curious to see what differences if any there are.


Interested to see your opinion on the juggerknot.


Quick peek at the new Crown iV - I won’t be doing a full review but will throw some thoughts out on it once I have time. I did always like the clear cases crown used but it appears they have moved away from them.


The police would call this a Double Fatality.


Booyah @woftam, double trouble !!!


There’s been a Fatality to report…



Yay Bull City Flavors! Ordered Thursday, got it today. Mixing tonight! W00T W00T!


Looks so good… yum

All the goodies ppl order… they put in this thread below. So there’s one place you can drool over everyone stuff. :smile:


Looks good @scifoc you will be busy tonight.

Maybe @woftam can merge and then close this thread :+1:


That’s a whole lotta mixin’ you got there @scifoc


Congratulations on getting your order :slight_smile:

Mine is not even packaged or shipped, but it doesn’t bother me. I did expect slower handling during thanksgiving and cyber monday.

On the bright side, so longer they take, less work for me. Sometimes it’s great to do other things after work then mixing or sft :slight_smile:


Ha. Mixing all this week after work. It helps that I only live about 3 hours from BCF for quick shipments. Just waiting on an Amazon order of 15 60ml bottles and 12 120ml bottles.


So many firsts here.
First dna mod
First steam crave
First play in the deep water
All 3 are working very well together.


what kind of mod , looks cool