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Vape Mail 2018


Its a rebel mod 2 x 21700 dna250. They were selling the 250 mods off at a discount as the 250c are coming.


The 250c has been out almost a year. I actually know that for Black Friday a dual battery could be had for under $100.00 and a triple for under $110.00 shipped.


So so so much vape mail that can’t be posted until Christmas… The suspense is killing me! I wanna see the reaction!!! :blush::blush::blush:



My new temp control mixure arrived today… :sunglasses:

Heating up water up first to 60 degrees Celsius. The temp I mix vg and pg together.


Cool! I just use my old beat up stirrers, they may not be fancy but they are US made and only cost $5.00 each!

Well besides the middle one, that one I got before I had a clue.


Nice @Cutlass92


I was talking to someone a year ago or so about new mag mixers like the two you have on each end of table… Now that I need one i am wondering where u buy them


Well those are old community college ones that they assuming came from an auction,I got them on eBay, the seller had them listed for$20.00 each not working, I offered them$5.00 plus$10.00 shipping for both, took them a few days to get back to me but they took it. They still had the college’s stickers on them.


Nice set up. It don’t matter how much they cost as long as they do the job you want them to do… Me I like heating the vg and pg when mixing…

But cheaper is always a good thing.


If I needed on I would make an offer on this one, but there’s no way I would pay what they are asking.


Ty I think it may have been you talked,with last time


Yea no way I’d pay that price either… Specially when Amazon has brand new mixers for that price.


Probably was, I got those two about a year ago. I got them not working, the problem with them was they had been sitting so long the oil in the bronze bushings had hardend up, so some carb cleaner and sewing machine oil made them good as new.


Yeah but the difference between the $50.00 Amazon mixer and the 50 yr old government stuff is night and day, not that there’s anything wrong with the Amazon ones but I can mix 400mil of juice with no heat, compared to my Amazon one in the middle that struggles to mix 90ml. literally to only thing I use the cheap one for is test batches.


I went a bit silly the other night! That takes me to to 4 of those Aromamizers the first one wasn’t enough. :rofl:

Just had to be the postie came with less than half an hour until I have to go to work.:cry:


Steam crave FTW!


Well, first off thanks to @Kinnikinnick for turning me on to the ammit and comparing it to the berserker, and thanks to @Lostmarbles for posting a link to 8vape in the deals section, got myself a geek vape ammit rda for $5!!! First build is SS316L 30g, 2.5mm id, parallel 7/8 wrap, 20-30 watts. This thing is perfection for a single battery squonker! Battery life is gonna be fantastic!



My Helo arrived today - Asylum mods make some nice gear they just need to work on the capacity a little


@marsh855 I know EXACTLY what that’s like !!!