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Vapesourcing Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway!


Dear all ,

We are very glad to share with you our newest giveaway for Happy Valentine’s Day giveaway!!! Win any product you want!


Your favorite product from our website.
What’s the device you’re using currently.
Every participants has at most two times to enter. Please comment each request separately .
The winner will be announced on 25th Feb, 2017

Thank you!


Wismec Noisy Cricket II-22 Mod 24.9USD | VapeSourcing https://vapesourcing.com/wismec-noisy-cricket-ii-22-mod.html

Currently using Wismec RX 2/3

@VapeyMama @BoyHowdy


Coil Master DIY Kit V3 42.9USD | VapeSourcing https://vapesourcing.com/coil-master-diy-kit-v3.html

Currently using Aromamizer supreme rdta

@Anonymiss @wvsanta


Currently using a Smok Alien

@Pugs1970 @Grubby @Kalahariuk @TheTinMan1 @Jayrell @fidalgo_vapes


Currently using Smok TFV8 Baby Beast

@mikelej14 @Dan_the_Man @tbt127 @bluenose63 @r5ta @Skullblade789 @Amy2 @GPC2012


I seriously need to get a stab wood mod they are sooooo nice to look at.

Currently using Hohm Wrecker with Obs Engine (and about 4 others in my daily rotation).

@Volition @BoyHowdy @Fenrir1


Currently Using a VT75 adorned with an iJoy Exo RTA

@BoyHowdy @Fenrir1 @fidalgo_vapes @VapeyMama @Josephine_van_Rijn @Maureeenie @ozo @Jayrell


Stab wood again.

Also on my desk g-priv with tfv8

@JoJo @Awakenow2


Currently Using a VT75 adorned with an iJoy Exo RTA

@TheTinMan1 @Lostmarbles @CosmicTruth @Rob62 @mixologist13 @LordVapor @SignMan @Amy2 @Underanne


Great minds and all that… :wink:


Bummer, they don’t have anything I want.


I want the gold one! Woot!

@fidalgo_vapes @VapeyMama @Josephine_van_Rijn



I am currently using my IPV8 with Griffin 25 tank…

@Pugs1970 @Amy2 @DarthVapor @TheTinMan1 @Volition @JoJo @therabidweasel


@Dan_the_Man , if you don’t have an iPV8 I highly recommend it. This is one of the best mods I have ever owned. I don’t understand how Pioneer 4 You can sell these things that cheap and produce such a quality product. Anyway, I am vaping on the iPV8 with the Cigreen Gear RDA with a dual Alien wire coil clocking in at .15 ohm. It is set in Power mode at 125w currently and I am vaping my Muffin’ Around with Blueberries juice from March of last year while I contemplate changes I want to make to the recipe.

Thinking about what do I want to put here too…

Thanks Vapesourcing!

@Alisa (missed ya!) @Amy2 (missed you too!) @bradslinux (where the hell are you?)


I vape a couple of things at all time but in my hand right now is an Eleaf iStick TC100 with a Merlin Mini on top.

That gun metal version is one I’ve been wanting for a hot minute!


I am using a Stab wood mechanical mod from Metal Moose among other mech mods.
@Pugs1970 @redscaddy22


I am using the Unholy RDA from DeathWish Modz
@Grubby @GPC2012


This could be awesome too…

@Ken_O_Where @BoDarc @BoyHowdy @MisterSinner @Beaufort_Batches @SthrnMixer @JoJo


Currently using Evic VCT mini

@Lolly @Cassie