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Vapesourcing Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway!


Nice to see you around again @LordVapor, i hope everything is good with you.


Nice to be back! Getting back to normal here. New job is going ok. Hopefully I get to do more with the company as was discussed. But right now it seems to be another bad move and a $30k/year paycut (ouch). At least I am not driving 150 miles a day now though. Keeping my hopes up it will get better. If nothing else it is keeping me going until a better opportunity presents itself :wink:


Good to hear things are starting to get normal and that you got a job. I mean while working there even if it pays less than the job you had before you at least have an income and as you said you can just keep on looking for something better.
I totally wish you all the best and that things go the way you want them to go. Keeping my fingers crossed bro.


Currently using an eleaf istick 40w.

@GPC2012 @tbt127 @MysticRose


Currently using a tfv4 tank.

@Pugs1970 @BoyHowdy @JoJo


Currently using Kanger top box

@GPC2012 @Jayrell


currently using the smok alien with conquerer mini

@Rob62 @GPC2012


ok @LordVapor you talked me into it @wvsanta @woftam @authormichellehughes @MisterSinner @Whiterose0818
@Underanne oh ya vaping with IPV 5


Ok you talked me into it again @LordVapor @Maureeenie @robin @TheTinMan1 @Grubby using coil master



My favorite from your website

@SthrnMixer @VapeyMama


current device isna smok alien with serpent mini


I’m currently vaping on a Cuboid 150


I think you need to put that in your post, you can post twice as well :wink:


My current setup is an RX200S with Moonshot 24


You got me…
I bought one for my son and he loves it, so I’d like to have one of my own someday:
A GOLD one!! hahaa

Today, I’m using my Smok Alien mod.
@LordVapor , @fidalgo_vapes , @bradleyb5155 , @MisterSinner


smok g-priv with baby beast.

using now- xcube mini with baby beast.

not sure how to post the ad like everyone else NOOB ALERT; Good luck to every1


smok gpriv with baby tank.

xcube mini with baby

good luck to everyone


I would like to win


I’m currently using the Maxo and the Wismec RX200 usually with the Goblin mini v3, the Serpent mini or the Billow.
@Uncaged @mixologist13 @Underanne


This is without doubt my favorite product on the website.