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Vapesourcing Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway!


I was using a smok alien, which is still atrocious in TC, and an OBS engine. Now I’m back using my iStick 100TC.


I like this here:

Ideal for someone I know looking for a neat kit to kick the habit.

I’m using the standard Alien and Cleito 120 mostly



I’m currently (this month) using an Eleaf IPower 80


Maybe I’m a little old school, vaping on an istick 40w TC and the tried and true Nautilus mini. I would like an eVic V2 and I’d pair it with the new Nautilus X or that Nautilus 2 I see on pre sale.


I’m vaping on a few things all the time but atm its a Wismec Presa 100 with an OBS Engine on top.
If Vape Sourcing gives me one of these in a giveaway I would 1.) Crap my pants and run around screaming then 2.) Become a lifelong customer! I don’t own a DNA device and out of all the one’s out there this is the one I would pick. Super sexy and sleek, Lost Vape has some of the best looking mods I’ve ever seen. Looking around the website it seems like Vape Sourcing has really good pricing! Worth checking out for sure.


Currently using a Smoktree Plus with an Ijoy Combo RDTA

Thanks for the chance.


Using Alien 220 with Freemax Starre Pure


Now using Alien 220 with Freemax Starre Pure


Like the battery life.
Currently using a limitless lux.

Thanks for the contest.


Great looking mod and board

I also use a wotofo serpent box if I want something tiny


Currently using a Sigeli 150 TC would like to get a replacement for my step daughter of this:


Or this kit that she stole from me and I didn’t even get to try… the Sigeli 150 TC


As of this post, I’m using an istick TC100W and an Ohmega V2 tank.


My favorite is

I am currently using a Battlestar with a Cleito tank


My wife wants this

Vape shelf is kinda messy

Just started using a Wotofo SERPENT MINI 25mm


Fell in love with this the moment I first saw it.

Using RX200
@Lord_Dan @Passenger27 @pug


using Wismec RX2/3 with a IJoy XL


Need one of these :grin::grin:

Currently using my trusty sigelli 150w, never missed a beat in the last 2 years, be nice to have a change, also using limitless rdta :v:t3:


Currently using joyetech Evic-vt with obs engine RTA.


Currently using joyetech Evic-vt with obs engine RTA.