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Vapesourcing Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway!


Congrats @CosmicTruth alien bro


Congrats Cosmic Truth nice win.


Congratulations @CosmicTruth good job brother :thumbsup:


Way to go @CosmicTruth enjoy!


Whooop! Nice one @CosmicTruth :+1::smiley:


Thank you all ELR’s, and a HUGE thanks to Vapesourcing for the great Valentine’s Day Sale and Giveaway contest!


Way to go @CosmicTruth, enjoy your win :+1: :gift:


Wonder what I won?




Grats @CosmicTruth


Oh so you dont know which you got yet? Lucky for vape sourcing that you won it, a lot of people (including me) picked out $150 DNA and stabwood mods lol. I was curious to see if they was really gonna give one of those away! Which do you hope you get the most?


Either, I’ll just patiently wait and see :smile:


Thank you again Vapesourcing for the great gift

I will treasure it always @Vapesourcing