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Vapesourcing Valentine's Day Sale and Giveaway!


Sorry to bring this to you but you can only participate with 2 posts in the giveaway.


Aha, I’ve deleted the extras. Muchas gracias.


I am currently using an IPV5
@MisterSinner @Amy2


Almost time to draw the winner on this, good luck all! :smile:


For my 2nd choice this would be awesome, a nice upgrade from a 40w istick and Nautilus tank


My Second Choice

Currently vaping on a CoolFire IV TC100 with an Avocado 24.


Ok @Vapesourcing today’s the day! :smile:


@Vapesourcing Lets do this! :smile:


Oh no this one looks nice.

Currently vaping in a lost vape 166 with a black goon.


This may be the only triple battery mod outside of the lost vape brand I would buy.

I’m also rocking an ipv5 today with velocity v2 clone.


Im excited with this one! They’ll probably draw it on China time though so im guessing later this evening. Good luck to all and may our dreams come true!


Hi All,

Thanks all for your participation, pls check the result here: https://vapesourcing.com/news/valentines-day-giveaway


Well done @CosmicTruth Congrats

Looks like my hopes of a free stab wood mod are dashed again lol


Way to go @CosmicTruth! Enjoy your prize!


Whoops, hit the wrong reply button. Sorry @woftam


I always do that too. :grinning:


Congrats @CosmicTruth :smile:


alright congrats @CosmicTruth


congrats @CosmicTruth


Hooray! Congrats @CosmicTruth :boom: