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VCMT....not a game changer....it's a new game in a different league!


this tank is worth the $75.... FINALLY a tank that produces like a dripper....built like a Swiss made watch...and did I mention a velocity style deck that is bigger than a real velocity!!!!


Great looking tank...


That's the 30mm, right?


Damn that thing is Holmes sized!


I have been looking at those things. Both the 25mm and the 30. FRIGGIN HUGE! I WANT ONE! But the website is sold out and I haven't been able to locate another source. Ideas?

EDIT: Look up the word "incorrigible" in the dictionary if you want to see a picture of LordVapor. LOL


There's a link in this thread. :wink:


Found the link.... dayam! Ima order one today. :smiley:


What size you ordering?


Probably the 30. I found the 25 at another shop. Either way, I have to wait till Weds. I checked the balance in the checkbook/debit card...The wife and Christmas and 3 grand kids where hard on it. LOL


I'd be interested to know what someone like you thinks of it... It didn't really appeal to me as far as usage, but, I must admit, it appealed to my hoarding/biggest toy drive, lol...


What appeals to me about it is the size of the build deck and the tank capacity of either. My biggest "gripe" about the current top shelf RTA's are their smallish capacity and limited build decks. The Bellus is a champ with me for it's 5ml capacity. I will probably get a 6ml Aromamizer soon as well. I am really enjoying the 3 ml.
Bottom fill is a con with it though, but easy enough from the bottom. I hope a V2 Aromamizer will include top fill and no chimney on the cap.


Did you see tribe rta I posted in the cnc/lathe thread? I ordered one, should be here soon...ill post an opinion...
It has no chimney, thats why I brought it up...
Edit: $13 for the tribe


I saw it. It looks like a nice spin-off of the A-mizer. I am definitely interested in your findings.


After usingthe VCMT for a week I have to say it's the best piece of vaping hardware I've ever owned!!! The machining on this is like a really high grade bolt..smooth...the grub screws in the deck are...perfect.. It's just awesome!!!


I need one! Can't find any in stock in Europe though :confused:


I know of a couple places over here where they are available..... If there is someway you know of I would be glad to pick one up and send it to you... Would be the least I could do!!! Contact me if you want to....trust me it's worth whatever hassle you go through to get one.


Aah thanks man :smiley: I'm tempted to take you up on the offer, but I've still got unopened stuff - I'm betting it won't be long before some stock finds its way to Europe :slightly_smiling: Maybe I should just be a little more patient? :smiley: heheh


I have both sizes and I love them. They drink juice like vaping camel but dayyyuummm the flavor is there the way I like to chase. It’s a good thing I mix my own, I can vape 15ml before lunch time…


I have two of the VCMT25 and one of the 30. I love the 25’s , they are my number 2 tank at the moment behind the Boreas.The big 30 , I need to work with it more to see it’s full potential.I just can’t get the flavor from it like I get from the Ohmega Alpha BFT , but I honestly haven’t tried real hard.


Almost a year later…and a lot has changed!!
For the better!! Uploading…